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Criminal Wines

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Criminal Wines Episode 0.5
May 07, 2018

This week isn’t a full episode, and it’s not exactly a bonus either. Instead, Ally, Rachael, and David try to decide if creepy phrases were said by a child or a serial killer.

Criminal Wines Episode 5: Broken Mirror
April 30, 2018

Better late then never! This week we discuss Season 1 Episode 5- Broken Mirror. The episode centers around the abduction of a teenage twin girl and her abductor is fueled by erotomania. To learn more...

Criminal Wines Bonus Episode #2
April 26, 2018

BONUS! You get to hear the beautiful voices of Rachael and Ally once more this week PLUS we have a special guest. We took the Buzzfeed Quiz: Which Serial Killer Would You Be? Take the...

Criminal Wines Episode 4: Plain Sight
April 23, 2018

It’s time for another episode, Crimos. This week we discuss Season 1 Episode 4- Plain Sight which focuses on a serial rapist terrorizing San Diego. We discuss similarities to the East Area Rapist and classifications...

Criminal Wines Bonus Episode #1
April 19, 2018

Hey Crimos, we know you couldn’t get enough of us this week. We took the Buzzfeed Quiz: Fill Up Your Pantry and We’ll Tell You Which Famous Serial Killer You Are. The results were pretty...

Criminal Wines Episode 3: Won’t Get Fooled Again
April 16, 2018

Hey Crimos, this week we are discussing Season 1 Episode 3- Won’t Get Fooled Again. We briefly touch on the Unabomber but focus on discussing the Austin bombings. If you have money to spare, please...

Criminal Wines Episode 2: Compulsion
April 09, 2018

Hey Crimos, we’re back for our second episode! This week we recap Season 1 Episode 2- Compulsion and discuss famous arsonists. Visit & to learn more about how childhood trauma affects development and how...

Episode 1: Extreme Aggressor
April 02, 2018

Hello Crimos (Crime Winos), it’s our first episode! WOO! This week we recap Criminal Minds: Season 1 Episode 1- Extreme Aggressor and talk about the real life serial killer (The Lipstick Killer) who inspired it....