Credit Union Conversations

Credit Union Conversations

PPP is Over---Let's Make SBA Loans!

May 24, 2022

On this episode of Credit Union Conversations your host, Mark Ritter, dives into the topic of Small Business Loans. Join him as he breaks this topic down with Will McClain and Chuck Evans, two veterans of Small Business lending. Tune in as they discuss topics such as different methods of working with clients, helping people set goals for the businesses, SBA incentives, and more! 



  • [02:00] Will and Chuck explain their experience in Small Business Lending
  • [08:00] Providing plans and strategies including incentives for borrowers
  • [12:30] Outsourcing help for SBA lending
  • [16:30] Banking as a service and being confident in your institution
  • [19:00] SBA programs post pandemic



  • Providing borrowers with goals and strategies can help them with their small business loans
  • SBA Lenders should outsource help as needed to stay efficient
  • SBA Programs are becoming popular and more available, especially post PPP loans



​​Will McClain is a veteran of SBA lending and is the leader of the country's largest SBA lender service provider. 


Chuck Evans is the Executive Vice President of Windsor Advantage. Chuck is a veteran of SBA and other mission-based lending companies.