Creative Funding Show

Creative Funding Show

021 The Anatomy of a Successful Crowdfunding Page (Deep Dive)

October 03, 2018

Creating a solid sales page is the key to success. In this episode, you will discover the necessary secrets for: storytelling and the value of vulnerability and for crafting a sales page that sells.

This is the meat and potatoes of your Kickstarter campaign.
If you do your promotion right, people will spend hundreds of hours looking at this page.
A good page not only convinces them to back the project, but also to invite their friends to back the project.

Storytelling and the Value of Vulnerability

You’re not crowdfunding a product, but a story.
Frame the value of your potential product by telling a compelling story about WHY you are creating what you are creating and WHY it will make the world better.

Make you laugh
Educate you
Entertain you… whatever.

Be willing to be honest and vulnerable. You want your audience to RELATE to you.
It’s ultimately NOT your story; it’s their story. Bring them into the story.

Crafting a Crowdfunding Sales Page that $ells
This is the heart of your campaign. The quality of your kickstarter page will be an amplifier on all your other  efforts.
Elements of a sales page:
Project Image

The first thing people will see on Pinterest, Facebook & Google Plus
Consider paying for a logo/cover before starting your Kickstarter campaign.
99 Designs or Fiverr is cash is tight.
This will pay for itself.

Project Title

This is the only thing people will see in a Tweet.
Think about SEO
Provide a Clear Benefit


Only get to pick one so pick a child category.  This should be pretty straight forward.
If you are an author pick either fiction or nonfiction on Kickstarter
Pick Writing on IndieGoGo

Short Blurb

This is the larger font text right under the video shown within Kickstarter.
135 Characters on Kickstarter
160 Characters on Indiegogo

Funding Duration

The benefit of short campaigns:

Faster money
Less of the sagging middle.

The benefit of long campaigns:

More time to raise money.
Time to make adjustments and make up for mistakes.

Project Location

Kickstarter will show people projects near them.
If you don’t live in a big city select the nearest big city. Give the answer you would if you are in a conference in another state and someone asks where you are from.

Page Copy

Headings Headings Headings
Tell your story in images.
You can change (improve) this as you go.
Testimonials from others (Video).
Your credibility. (Mary showed her books.)
Other places on the web where you’ve discussed your topic. (Trust symbols)
A gracious, thankful tone.

Risks and Challenges:

Spend some time thinking about this. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
Common Risks & Challenges:

Launching on time
Going over budget

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