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Creative Funding Show

019 How to Break Past the Patreon Patron Plateau

August 31, 2018

Do you ever feel like you Patreon has hit a plateau in terms of backing? Patreon CEO Jack Conte shared some research Patreon had conducted in a recent Hang Time. I was there and I have some highlights for you.
At the end of the episode, I have some exciting news, so stick around.
About The Research
They did data analysis on a bunch of Patreon campaigns that were at a plateau and then saw a big jump to see what they did.
How to Break Past the Patreon Patron Plateau
#1 Revamped tiers and benefits.

* They changed the benefits and tiers associated with their Patreon page.
The system you have is perfectly designed to give you the results you are getting right now.
Get rid benefits that don’t work.
Add new benefits that do work.

#2 A large increase in the number of locked posts.

* Locked posts are highly motivating to potential patrons or patrons at lower tier levels.
Take advantage of the teaser text that everyone can see. Let people know what they are missing out on.

#3 Limited Time Offer

This creates a sense of urgency. Very powerful.
Examples of what this could look like.

Get featured in my next album/video/book whatever if you become a Patron by the end of the month.
Limited Time Deal: Book Launch Blueprint Patrons Only Discount

#4 Patron Recognition

* Jack said, “If you use a person’s first name in a message to them, those patrons retain better.”
* One of the causes of a plateau is current patrons leaving at the same rate new patrons come on board.
* How do you retain your patrons longer? Say “thank you.”
* I think it is a great policy to message everyone a personal “thank you” after they become a patron. This can also trigger very fun and helpful conversations.
* People want to feel seen, noticed. A simple “I see you, I notice you” can make someone’s day. This stays with them and keeps them from wanting to drop out.  

#5 Look at what fast-growing creators do and then copy them.

In other words, stay subscribed to this show.
Let me know if there is a Patreon page you want me to do a deep dive on.

#6 Poll Your Fans. Get to know them and what they want.

Don’t assume you know what your patrons want.
When we polled our Novel Marketing listeners, we found out nearly all of them were planning to independently publish.
Poll them about what annoys them. In the Novel Marketing drip sequence, one email is all about pet peeves. As people answer that email with their pet peeves, we get a better idea of what is bothering them. This helps us craft solutions for those very pain points.

#7 What they didn’t see.

Do to the fact that the research looked only at the patreon pages themselves, there is one thing they didn’t see I want to add to the list.
Big promotions!
Changes to the rewards, limited time offers, and large increases in limited posts all correlate with a big promotion.  
If you haven’t had a “pledge drive” in a while consider doing one to break the plateau.

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