Creative Habit's Podcast | Exploring Habits for Tapping Into Creative Consciousness

Creative Habit's Podcast | Exploring Habits for Tapping Into Creative Consciousness

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The Morning Ritual that Could Change Your Life | Abraham Hicks Morning Challenge
December 08, 2019

First this episode has no connection to Abraham Hicks...Esther Hicks  isn't being interviewed, there is a segment of her talking in here but  otherwise she hasn't endorsed the morning challenge...yet. :-) I put together the idea for a 30 Day Abr

Not Going It Alone, Interviews & Perspectives on FHL 2019 and Content Creation
November 11, 2019

In the first part of this year I went to Funnel Hacking Live, an event put on by ClickFunnels with some excellent speakers. It was a cool experience and during it I got some interviews from fellow funnel hackers. Why should you care as a creative entrepre

Creative Resiliency Amongst the Chaos
October 18, 2019

Perspectives on creative resiliency among the ever growing world turmoil. Check out the YouTube episode here:

Perspectives on How Van Life, Tiny Houses, Minimalism, PCT, Off-Grid Living Increases Creative Potential
October 08, 2019

This episode has some visuals to it that can be viewed by watching the YouTube video here: In this episode I explore some of the reasons for alternative lifestyles like van life and how leveraging some of those ideas in regula

Could Leveraging Fair Use Help to Save Us from the Creative Doldrums from Media Monopolies?
July 25, 2019

This episode looks at Fair Use from a YouTube perspective. Looking at the four golden rules of Fair Use and why YouTube may disregard them. How leveraging fair use may be a cornerstone for keeping our creativity alive as a culture and on a personal level.

Expanding Your Creative Capacity
June 06, 2019

Creative habits are awesome for structure however there is also a danger to getting stuck in a rut and being stale. That's where expanding your creative capacity comes into play as you intentionally experiment, challenge, and expand your creative spirit.&

Creative Willpower Muscle Development
May 21, 2019

A lot of articles talk about willpower being a limited resource. Meaning those things you use willpower on early in the day mean you have less willpower later on.  There are some experiments showing that it's more like a muscle and developing one are

3 Strategies for Beating Your Addiction to Online Courses & Learning Procrastination
May 06, 2019 Let's face it any time you see an online course that's any good and  could help you with your goals or targets - plus has multiple bonus  items or features - there is a natural pull towards it even if you  alre

Creative Core
April 30, 2018

Looking into the art and science of having it all and how that process fuels your creative core...

Ideas Are Like Enlightenment, You Still Have to Stack the Wood
April 16, 2018

Alright this week we are talking about the wack on the side of the head, the need for melding the logical and subconscious mind together and your thought experiment for the week...