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Special Replay: College Selection Checklist

February 20, 2020

Special Replay:  Jean Burke explains the importance and gives a detailed college selection checklist for students looking for the ideal college. She explains the college search, the type of school to consider, where to look, large vs. small school and criteria to consider. This college selection checklist also contains a list to some amazing website recommendations to help you make your own custom spreadsheet using the criteria you want to select the perfect school for you.
Celebrate with us! Jean Burke is a Fox News Contributor – she was recently a guest on Fox and Family with Lisa Brady!

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Podcast by Jean on Transcripts -

Show Notes: College Selection Checklist

* College Search

* Personal Criteria –make a list.
* Location
* Cost
* Size of the school

* Type of School

* Community College
* 4-Year University
* Technical / Military School

* Where to Look –Nearly 5,000 Colleges in USA

* Internet sites

* Start at a school

* College Board – great resource
* Accreditation Search 
* College Navigator
* – creates a profile
* Best College Rankings

* Talking to family and friends
* Visit College

* Safe school
* Reach school
* Dream school

* Large vs Small schools:

* Large: more courses, anonymity, greater ranges of activities and organizations, larger libraries, graduate departments.
* Small school, more personal atmosphere, meet professors and students, individual participation and interaction, flexible programs

* Request Information via mail
* School criteria:

* Scores
* Size – depends on personality

* 5000
* 10000
* 30000 or more

* College worksheet and college selection application checklist

* High school Prep Genius Book by Jean Burke – 50 things to look for

* Downloadable Worksheet
* Location
* Size – not only physical size, enrollment of students
* Cost – not only tuition –

* Fees
* Room and Board
* Transportation
* Application Fees
* More expensive schools have more money to give out
* Tuition Tracker -online
* Affiliation –public, private, proprietary school
* Urban or rural locations
* Religious Affiliation
* Diversity – looking for this and will “pay”

* protestant look for a Catholic school – schools look for diversity

* Facilities on Campus –

* Campus security
* Recreation –gym on site
* Medical or Clinic facilities

* Majors and academic requirements

* School requirements – have way lower than your score they will
* Some broad majors
* Specific majors
* Undecided