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Best of College Prep Genius: Must Know College Checklist

November 01, 2019

Best of College Prep Genius - Must Know College Checklist with Jean Burke
When you are ready to visit a college do you know what to look for?  Here is the must know college checklist of important information to find the very best college for your child.

Celebrate with us! Jean Burk is a Fox News Contributor – she was recently a guest on Fox and Family with Lisa Brady!

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Must Know College Checklist Show Notes

* Visit top two schools,
* Ask yourself questions; Am I comfortable walking around? Can I be friends with these people?
* Make a checklist to compare colleges
* Apply to 5-6 schools, safe schools, reach schools, and dream schools

Links we disucssed:

* Data Base of Accredited Colleges:


* Remember there is no perfect college

* Check the school website for visit dates
* Contact admissions counselor for personal date
* Go on a weekday to get a feel for the campus
* Try to schedule an interview while you are there
* Ask if the school offers reimbursement for travel fees
* Make travel arrangements as soon as you can
* Arrange for an excused absence to take college visits
* Try to talk to the dean or professors
* Sit in on one or more classes
* Take a tour of the campus
* Visit the bookstore student center or library
* Spend the night in a dorm to get a feel for the housing
* Eat in the cafeteria to see if you like it
* Meet with the admissions counselor face to face
* Wander around the campus by yourself
* Talk to students at the college and ask about their experience
* Visit around the school to get a feel of the area

Questions to Ask Academic Advisor -

* What is the average class size for the freshman
* How many of those students returned the following year
* What makes this college program special
* How easy is it to switch majors
* How does the school help the student adjust to college life
* Is there Greek life or social groups at this school
* Is the Greek System important to this school
* What organizations are the school partnered with
* What does the tuition cover
* Are there hidden fees
* Work study jobs
* How safe is the campus
* What does the housing scene look life
* Are freshman allowed to live off campus
* Are freshman allowed to have their own car
* Campus parking situation
* Does the school offer campus wide tutoring
* How big is the average class size

Things to ask the students at the college

* Thing they like most about the college
* The worst thing about this college
* Why did they pick this college
* Would you pick this school again if you had the chance
* If I need help how acceptable are the professors here
* Are the professors down to earth
* What do you like about your department
* Do you like the professors
* Are the professors teaching the classes themselves or is it done by a TA
* How diverse is the student body
* How is the cafeteria
* What do you do for fun here
* How close are the shopping center