Be Calm on Ahway Island Bedtime Stories

Be Calm on Ahway Island Bedtime Stories

356. Sensory Delight: a calming bedtime and nap time story for kids

September 01, 2023
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Winfield the Wheelchair and Brian experience sensory delight as they share beautiful colors, scents, and sounds with Javier.

Hello everyone!  We hope you enjoyed our new story this week. Now, welcome to Favorite Friday! Sometimes we like to listen to our favorites again. Please enjoy “Sensory Delight,” and we’ll be back with a new story on Monday!

Narrator: Male

Story Begins: 7:39

Sensory Delight Excerpt:

A cool breeze circled the little wheelchair, bringing delightful scents with it. Winfield awoke with a smile, wondering where the fragrance was coming from. He would find out soon. Brian released Winfield’s brake. He and Javier had finished their lunches. As they got ready to leave Javier’s mom mentioned, “Before we head back to the path, this is a sensory garden and you can touch the plants. Just be gentle.”

Brian rolled Winfield away from the table and the wheelchair turned towards the path. A gentle cascade of musical notes filled the air complimenting the song of the birds in the trees. Winfield turned his wheels toward the sound hoping to find the source of the pleasant chimes. As he waited for Brian to push the wheels, he noticed another sound. A constant trickle filled the air. Once aware of the sound, the wheelchair found it difficult to let the trickling fade into the background. However, the sound of a train whistle quickly turned everyone’s attention. The boys exchanged delighted smiles. Somewhere in the garden there was a train. Javier and Brian wanted to find that train.


Today’s Meditation: Imagine floating in a tranquil pool, safe and relaxed, as the water rocks you gently.

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