Cover B Podcast

Cover B Podcast

Episode 36 - Hickman's Playroom, Unstoppable Wasp, Macho Man Randy Savage

July 19, 2019

Weekly Pull Highlights:

Age of X-Man Omega #1
Uncanny Xmen #22
Loki #1
Hot Shots #5
Unstoppable Wasp #10
Superman Pal Jimmy Olsen #1
Assassin Nation #5
Sonata #2
Sera and the Royal Stars #1
Vampirella #1

To endings and new beginnings! We cover everything from our apprehension of the X-Men's future, to the need for levity in comics (Unstoppable Wasp), to how much modern voicing can be ANNOYING in an old-timey book (Sera & the Royal Stars). Oh, and Vampirella wears basically nothing. Enjoy!