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Judy Blank #1907
September 24, 2019

Dutch Americana songwriter Judy Blank records in Nashville. Blank tours in Europe because of the prohibitive cost of US work visas for musicians. American audiences will have to live off videos and her album, Morning Sun,

Cafe Rooster Records #1906
September 24, 2019

Sally Jaye runs Cafe Rooster Records. The songwriter, musician, and creative entrepreneur crafts her own art. Through her independent music label, she elevates that of others, too. Jaye’s ear for art pushes boundaries.

Paisley Fields #1905
September 24, 2019

Paisley Fields honed their traditional country tunes in the queer country community they created in Brooklyn. Soon after, the bands took their show on the road, with a honky-tonk road trip of queer country artists. In 2019,

The Minks #1904
September 24, 2019

Nikki Barber of the Minks fuses arty psychedelic vibes with rock and roll. The Minks debut album, Light and Sweet, just launched on Cafe Rooster Records. Barber’s songs reflect growing up, well after coming of age. Originally from the urban Northeast,

Beth Bombara #1903
September 24, 2019

Midwestern roots rocker, Beth Bombara, recently released Evergreen. After regular touring, Bombara headed to the Rocky Mountains to clear her head. The mountain air let her reset mentally, and when she returned to St. Louis,

I Didn’t Want to Tell You by Cowtownchad #1902
September 24, 2019

Chad Cochran, the photographer known as Cowtownchad, created his I Didn’t Want to Tell You, Normalizing the Conversation About Mental Health project nearly 5 years ago. With a fully crafted concept, Cowtownchad refined his approach,

Don Gallardo #1805
May 18, 2018

Don Gallardo‘s latest album, Still Here, shares his signature sound with fresh vocal phrasing and deep instrumentation.  The lush, beautiful album leans more folk-country or indie folk than the current “take” on Americana music.

Caleb Caudle #1804
February 19, 2018

Caleb Caudle‘s new album, Crushed Coins, builds dreamy, ethereal landscapes. The newest Country Fried Rock podcast (below) features an in-depth conversation with Caudle about recording in Los Angeles and Nashville and expanding his sound.

JD Wilkes #1803
February 09, 2018

Debut Studio Solo Album from JD Wilkes of Legendary Shack Shakers JD Wilkes, the vibrant front man of the Legendary Shack Shakers and the Dirt Daubers, releases his debut studio solo album, Fire Dream.  Bruce Watson of Fat Possum Records produced,

Tim Nielsen of Drivin N Cryin #1802
January 18, 2018

Atlanta’s Home Town Band Tim Nielsen co-founded Drivin N Cryin with Kevn Kinney in Atlanta in 1985. Drivin N Cryin were hometown heroes before their debut album, Scarred But Smarter, was even released, as R.E.M.