Cosmic Celebrity Podcast: Consciousness Awakening Tips for The Spiritually Gifted

Cosmic Celebrity Podcast: Consciousness Awakening Tips for The Spiritually Gifted

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Episode 40: Don’t Be Afraid to Embrace Your Uniqueness
May 28, 2020

If youre finding it difficult to embrace who you are, then listen to this podcast episode for encouragement. You are a unique treasure, and its important that you celebrate your uniqueness so that y

Episode 39: How to Cope as The Black Sheep of Your Family
May 14, 2020

If youve been labeled the black sheep of your family the weird one, the strange one, the one that no one seems to understand and youre feeling hurt, frustrated, or are finding it difficult to co

Episode 38: Spiritual Detox From Your Narcissist Lover
May 07, 2020

You absolutely must have the courage to love yourself enough to get out of toxic relationships. You may be in a relationship that is so toxic that you dont even realize the high level of toxicity bec

Episode 37: Why the World Needs the Love and Light of the Spiritually Gifted
April 15, 2020

This is a beautiful time for the spiritually gifted. In times such as these, the world is more willing to embrace and accept the visions, revelations, and divine downloads that flow through and to t

Episode 36: It’s Time to Stop Caring So Much and Oversharing with People Who Don’t Get You
April 07, 2020

Do you feel like people arent listening to you? That they just dont get you? Well, youre right! Not everyone is the mystic that you are, aware of the possibilities within and around them. Some pe

Episode 35: Magical Living Is Real When You’re Aligned With Universal Law and Order
February 06, 2020

What does the word magic mean to you? Is it real? Well, Im here to share with you that yes, it is indeed real. Its not just something you see in fantasy movies or TV shows and its more than mir

Episode 34: Self-Awareness is a Key to a More Peaceful Life
January 30, 2020

Walking your path may seem like a challenge, but as soon as you allow yourself to embrace your essence, you will find peace in all circumstances. Tune in as I share insights on becoming more self-aw

Episode 33: 3 Steps to Making Quantum Leaps in Your Spiritual Growth
January 23, 2020

If you want to experience quantum leaps in your spiritual growth, there are a few basic actions you absolutely must take. These actions will strengthen your connection with your inner spirit and tra

Episode 32: 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Win Living For Others
November 29, 2019

  You are not here to people please and suppress your feelings in order to appease everyone. You are not here to get validation and approval from others.  You are not here to continue saying “yes” to doing things for someone to please them when you rea...

Episode 31: 3 Steps to Controlling Your Emotions and Developing Your Abilities
November 21, 2019

Balancing your emotions can be a challenge, especially when youre highly sensitive to the energy of others. As a spiritually gifted person, one of the most important keys to nurturing and developin