Coping with COVID podcast

Coping with COVID podcast

30: Going outside

December 15, 2020

In this episode, Helen is joined by Dr Dean Burnett, a neuroscientist and author. They talk about the effect on our mental wellbeing of spending time outdoors or with a view of nature, and the new appreciation many of us have for going outside after lockdown and self-isolation.

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• A blogpost by Dean on The Benefits of Outside

• The study Dean mentioned about greenspace, mental health and COVID-19:

• A study looking at mental health, lockdown severity, and access to outdoor spaces during COVID-19:

Books by Dean:

• Psycho-Logical–Why-Mental-Health-Goes-Wrong—and-How-to-Make-Sense-of-It/25440016 or on Audible:

• The Happy Brain–Where-Happiness-Comes-From-and-Why/23092199

• The Idiot Brain–A-Neuroscientist-Explains-What-Your-Head-is-Really-Up-To/20508227