Cookies and Coke

Cookies and Coke

Latest Episodes

35. Cyber Horse Play
November 04, 2020

Marcus, Steve, Nicole, and Aaron survive a pandemic podcast with the help from some extra terrestrial support and dog farts.

34. You're Welcomesgiving
November 27, 2019

Aaron, Steve, Marcus, and Nichole give thanks, take calls, make calls, and cross the line. 

33. 1-900-cookiecoke
September 09, 2019

Marcus, Aaron, Jupiter, Misha, and Kayla open up the phone lines for the first time. 

32. Chosen Family Reunion
April 06, 2019

The family is back together to discuss sports, phone etiquette, and best buy business solutions.

31. 22andYou
December 08, 2018

The boys and girls (what is gender?) are back with a new hour of sillyness. 

30. WKBR
July 05, 2018

@baby_kbr celebrates her birthday with cookies and coke!

29. Snackanooga
April 25, 2018

On this episode, Lacing join us for games, sound effects, and general shenanigans.  

27. A C&C Thanksgiving
February 27, 2018

Nichole Edge helps everyone appreciate our families, friends, and titty tassels.

28. 1000% Riboflavin
February 19, 2018

Bryan Saunders joins Cookies and Coke for some blind taste tests and more. 

26. This Episode is Haunted
October 30, 2017

Just in time for Halloween. Come celebrate with the C&C family!