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Content Is Leverage
May 19, 2021

Leverage content to create opportunities for your business.  Content is leverage. It’s why leaders like Brock Blake of Lendio appear on podcasts. Brock was a featured guest on our Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast.

Content Creation At Its Core
February 19, 2021

Why is content creation so important at its core?  Content creation is the ultimate form of communication. In this Content Matterz podcast episode, Eric Kasimov and PJ Taei discuss content creation, building relationships,

Content Brings People Together
February 10, 2021

No matter what we’re going through, thankfully, content brings people together. Entrepreneurs are all dealing with something. Either directly or indirectly. It may be business-related, it may be something happening today,

For Those Who Care – An Audible Blog
January 19, 2021

For Those Who Care is an audible style blog from Content Matterz.  For Those Who Care is an article to help you, the entrepreneur, share your unique story to your audience. To read the written style of this blog, you can do so here.

Filling the Brand Gap – An Audible Blog
January 16, 2021

Filling the Brand Gap is an audible style blog from Content Matterz.  Filling the Brand Gap is an article to get you thinking about your brand and how you can start building a brand for yourself. To read the written style of this blog,

Setting the Vision and Creating Content
January 14, 2021

“Setting the vision is the beginning of all creation.” – Brett Gilliland.  What does it mean to cast a vision about what is possible and where you want your business to be? In this episode of Content Matterz, Eric Kasimov chats with Brett Gilliland,

The Power of Creating Genuine Content
December 11, 2020

“Nervousness is the indication that you’re doing something right.” – Joe Cantanucci on the power of creating genuine content. Many advisors and leaders within the financial services industry have had a hard time creating genuine content to connect with...

Why We Doubled Down on Content Creation on the Why Are We Shouting Podcast
November 21, 2020

The Why Are We Shouting Podcast is a narrative style show with Jill Salzman. In this episode of her podcast, Jill asks Eric Kasimov about the moment he decided to double down on the content creation business.

Everybody Needs to be Creating and Giving Content
September 25, 2020

“Everybody needs to be creating and giving content” – David Meltzer on the ROI of content creation.  What is the return on investment of content creation? In this Content Matterz episide, Eric Kasimov chats with David Meltzer about the impact that crea...

Shaping Your Future Through Podcasting
September 16, 2020

“If you don’t have a voice, what do you have?” – Eric Kasimov on shaping your future through podcasting.   With COVID-19 affecting how students are going to school this year, the uncertainty may create opportunity for students to consider other options...