Content Content podcast with Ed Marsh

Content Content podcast with Ed Marsh

Not acting like slow computers with Rahel Bailie – Content Content podcast

April 14, 2021

We return from a hiatus with content strategist Rahel Bailie! She joins Ed Marsh to talk about an uneven history of content strategy, object-oriented content, how her career has led her across two continents, and the history of women in technical communication.

Her Content Strategy book with Noz Urbina remains one of Ed's most highlighted (highlit?) reads. We discuss Content Operations (ContentOps or DocOps), introducing efficiency, and more. I hope you laugh as much as we did.

Mentioned during this episode:

Scott Abel, the Content Wrangler

An uneven history of content strategy

Back to the Future

Deane Barker The need for content operations

Ann Rockley



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