Content Sells: Attract, Convert & Keep Your Ideal Clients with Content Marketing That Works

Content Sells: Attract, Convert & Keep Your Ideal Clients with Content Marketing That Works

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218 - Imperfection is Beautiful: Our Top 6 Tips For Overcoming Perfectionism
August 07, 2023

Striving for perfection is often what keeps us from launching our new product, sending that email, putting ourselves out there for that opportunity, reaching out to that amazing strategic partner, put

217 – Grow Your Audience & Boost Your Authority By Publishing a Report
July 24, 2023

Theres a strategy we have long loved and wanted to cover on the show and that strategy is all about how you can boost your authority, grow your audience and own the space by publishing a report. Now

216 – Easy Steps for Optimising Your Online Sales Process
July 10, 2023

Your Sales Funnel is a process or series of steps for taking someone from not knowing about you or your offer to actually buying the specific product or service you want to sell. And were seeing a LO

215 - Unlocking the Benefits of Low-Cost Workshops
June 26, 2023

Not getting the results from webinars like you used to? Have you ever considered offering a low-priced workshop into the mix as a way to attract BUYERS right from the start of your sales process and o

214 - The Hybrid Expert Revolution - With Ryan Levesque
June 08, 2023

Imagine being able to go from Tired & Trapped with your marketing and business model, to achieving Freedom & Flexibility where you are able to unhook your income from your time and make more by do

213 - The 11 Content Marketing Tools We’re Loving in 2023
May 29, 2023

Get the low-down on the Content Marketing Tools Were Loving in 2023! These are tools that are helping us be more productive, more creative, more efficient and there are so many exciting things happen

212 - Your Content Marketing Questions Answered
May 15, 2023

Its Q&A Time! In this episode, your hosts, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon, have are answering recent listener questions! We absolutely LOVE it when you ask questions and if you have something youd

211 - Boosting High-Ticket Sales With Application Calls
May 01, 2023

Applications work great for high ticket products and services because higher dollar sales typically require a bit more 1:1 connection and more personalized, high touch support in order for people to f

210 - Retention Strategies for Membership & Recurring Revenue Businesses
April 17, 2023

We know many of our listeners have some form of recurring revenue in their business model whether thats a membership site sharing information, or a repeatable service, a high dollar coaching progra

209 - How to Convert Survey Responses into Copy That Attracts & Converts Your Ideal Customers
April 03, 2023

Anyone whos listened to this show for a while will know what big fans we are of both DOING customer surveys and gathering customer language. Its one of the best ways you can deeply understand your m