Consummate Athlete Podcast

Consummate Athlete Podcast

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Adventures, Pain and Mindset - Rebecca Rusch
May 27, 2019

Leadville, Kanza, Gravel, Cycling, Endurance, Adventures, Rebecca Rusch, Redbull

Training with Power - Hunter Allen
May 21, 2019

Cycling, Training, Power, Peaks, Data, Fitness, Load, Athlete, Coaching

Imposter Syndrome, Training in Race Season + Bunny Hops
May 14, 2019

imposter, training, race, competition season, bunny hop, bike, sport psychology

Advice from 5 Amazing Female Athletes
May 09, 2019

women in sport, female athlete, goal setting, sport psychology, nutrition

Getting Your Kids on Bikes - Katie Macarelli
May 06, 2019

Kids, Parenting, Bikes, Shred Girls, Books, Mothers

Motivating Your Workout - Simon Marshall
April 30, 2019

Sport Psychology, Sports, Workouts, Mental, Training, Brave Athlete

MTB Stage Racing + Gravel Grinding - Geoff Kabush
April 23, 2019

MTB, STage Racing, Gravel Grinding, Gravel, Doping, Goals, Pushups, Beer

Post-Race - Goals, Expectations & Next Steps
April 16, 2019

racing, endurance, post-race, fueling, nutrition, goal setting, sport psychology

Life is a Marathon - Matt Fitzgerald
April 10, 2019

Running, Memoir, Books, Writers, Bi-Polar Disorder, Mental Illness,

First Race Jitters, Base to Build, Carbs per Hour
April 03, 2019

Milk, Nutrition, Carbohydrate, Endurance, Fueling, Coaching, Racing, Nerves