Consummate Athlete Podcast

Consummate Athlete Podcast

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Cyclocross Q&A #2 - Gear, Cleanup, Double Days
October 01, 2019

cyclocross, gear, outdoors, rain, mud, heart rate, power, etiquette

Megan Roche - Training Happy, Injury, Failure and Dogs
September 25, 2019

Happy, RUnner, Endurance, Injury, Balance, Doctor, Body Image, Dogs

Cyclocross 101, Warmups, Skills, Injury Recovery
September 17, 2019

Cyclocross, Cycling, Warmup, Cooldown, injury recovery,

Coaching, Altitude, Power:Weight w. Dean Golich [Best Of]
September 10, 2019

Highlights, Coaching, Power:Weight, Altitude, Olympics,

Hydration, Pivoting with Injury, Picking up new sports - Andy Blow
September 03, 2019

Hydration, Injury, Learning new Sports, Multi-Sport, Triathlon, Kayak

Fueling for Track, donut rides, charity rides + hydration
August 27, 2019

Fueling, Hydration, multi-day events, endurance, nutrition

Racing Multiple Disciplines + Colorado Classic - Juliet Elliot & Lucy Diaz
August 20, 2019

Women's Sport, Bike Racing, Cycling, Colorado Classic, Event Promotion

Retirement, Zones, Weight Loss, Running while Riding
August 12, 2019

sport, retirement, zones, weight loss, running, cycling, concurrent training

RANGE - Being A Generalist - David Epstein
August 06, 2019

Author, Book, Range, Sport Specialization, Parenting, Sport Science

Are you in a Plateau? Supplements? Post-workout for busy people
July 30, 2019

Supplements, Studies, Plateau, Training, Post Workout, Recovery