Consider This! | Conservative political commentary in 10 minutes or less

Consider This! | Conservative political commentary in 10 minutes or less

Latest Episodes

Episode 322: Rampant Inflation / Refusing Service / The Debt Limit
November 01, 2021

How's Biden handling the rampant inflation? Is it ever right to refuse service based on politics? Which side doesn't want to deal with a debt ceiling anymore?

Episode 321: 9/11 20 Years On
September 11, 2021

In this episode you'll hear my 9/11 memories, a listener's memories, and a Romanian's ruminations on how we came together in the days following. 

Episode 320: Death Wish for Children / Reconsider This: James Younger / Afghanistan
August 30, 2021

The UK's NHS is continuing to kill children. Update on James Younger. And Afghanistan.

Episode 319: Some Good News
August 16, 2021

This time out, we're going to have just good news. No conservative commentary. (Well, maybe just a little bit.)

Episode 318: Representing What You Disagree With / Big Tech Exceptions
July 19, 2021

Why would you voluntarily seek to represent a group that you disagree with? Do we need to make "private company" exceptions for Big Tech?

Episode 317: Censored for Stating the Obvious / COVID Unemployment Benefits Downside
May 31, 2021

Can you be censored for stating basic facts? Is there a downside to the enhanced unemployment benefits?

Episode 316: What Happens When You Politicize Everything?
April 26, 2021

Everything seems to be about politics lately; chicken sandwiches, pillows, airlines, and sports. That's not a good thing, and I get into why.

Episode 315: The Crush of Illegal Immigrants / Jack Phillips Still a Target
March 30, 2021

Why all the illegal immigrants rushing the border? Why is Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cake Shop still in court?

Episode 314: New Definition of “Terrorism” / Kids in Cages / “Equality Act” Observation
March 05, 2021

When is a terrorist not a terrorist? When is a cage not a cage? When is women's sports not women's ports?

Episode 313: Impeachment Season 2 Review / RIP Rush Limbaugh
February 22, 2021

My review of "Impeachment" season 2. My review of the impact of Rush Limbaugh.