Consider This! | Conservative political commentary in 10 minutes or less

Consider This! | Conservative political commentary in 10 minutes or less

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Episode 315: The Crush of Illegal Immigrants / Jack Phillips Still a Target
March 30, 2021

Why all the illegal immigrants rushing the border? Why is Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cake Shop still in court?

Episode 314: New Definition of “Terrorism” / Kids in Cages / “Equality Act” Observation
March 05, 2021

When is a terrorist not a terrorist? When is a cage not a cage? When is women's sports not women's ports?

Episode 313: Impeachment Season 2 Review / RIP Rush Limbaugh
February 22, 2021

My review of "Impeachment" season 2. My review of the impact of Rush Limbaugh.

Episode 312: COVID Restrictions Lifting (Now) / Problematic School Names
February 08, 2021

Many COVID restrictions lifted so soon after Biden's inauguration. San Fran cancels various school names, some for hilarious reasons.

Episode 311: Executive Orders Are the Order of the Day
January 25, 2021

A look at some of the executive orders of the Biden administration

Episode 310: Mob Violence is Always Wrong
January 18, 2021

The idea that mob violence is always wrong is (or should be) non-controversial. But apparently it isn't quite that simple for some.

Episode 309: Boycott Backfire / A Personal Gift / Listener News Site Suggestion
December 17, 2020

A boycott backfire, a very "personal" gift, and a listener suggests a balanced news site.

Episode 308: Illegal Immigration Trends / Political Gaffes / A New News Source
December 07, 2020

When Trump started his term, illegal immigration started to trend down. With Joe Biden the presumptive President-elect, what do you think that trend is doing now? Politicians make verbal gaffes; it happens all the time.

Episode 307: A Wider View of Election Night / Choosing Your News Channel
November 23, 2020

Down-ballot wins for Republicans. How do you choose your news station

Episode 306: 2020 Election Thoughts
November 09, 2020

My thoughts on the 2020 election.