Nature to Heart - connect to the living world

Nature to Heart - connect to the living world

Latest Episodes

The Dandelion
June 09, 2019

Today we are looking at the humble dandelion.

What’s Your Project?
January 06, 2019

It’s great to have a project going, it gives you enthusiasm for life and gets you motivated.

A Quick Quote
April 30, 2018

A quick quote today that links up with the previous podcast episode.

April 30, 2018

Sometimes we need space in our lives, space to be able to look beyond the immediate.

Getting Out
April 12, 2018

Join me on my daily walk, rolling hills, birds and daisies.

Exercise – Get it into Your Life
February 19, 2018

There’s no getting round it exercise is good for you, move that body….just a little.

B – A to Z of Total Fitness
September 02, 2017

A – Aspire (A to Z of Mind, Body, Spirit Fitness)
February 12, 2017

  A for Aspire The first letter of the alphabet for my A to Z of fitness in mind body and spirit, short episodes for a bit of inspiration in your daily lives.

Investigate Your Pain
February 08, 2017

Today’s episode is about pain and how we must not simply accept it as a fact of life. Pain is a message from our body to us saying something is wrong somewhere it is our responsibility to discover the ‘something wrong’.