Connect with Skip Heitzig Podcast

Connect with Skip Heitzig Podcast

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Expound: Romans 1:1-23 - Part B
May 27, 2022

The apostle Paul usually began his epistles with a prayer of thanks for his audience. In this message, Skip shares how we can cultivate an attitude of gratitude for the people in our lives.

Expound: Romans 1:1-23 - Part A
May 26, 2022

Skip begins a series called Expound: Romans. In this first message, Skip introduces you to the apostle Paul, a self-titled slave of Jesus Christ whose top priority in life was not to hoard the gospel but rather herald it to as many people as he could.

The Truth about Hell - Part B
May 25, 2022

People speak of hell usually without any thought of the somberness of the place. And of all the Christian doctrines in Scripture, hell is a tough one to handle. Well, that's the topic Skip dives into in the message "The Truth about Hell."

The Truth about Hell - Part A
May 24, 2022

Hell is an eternal and biblical reality, but it's one that has become relegated to the junk pile of modern myths. In the message "The Truth about Hell," Skip gives you the scriptural scoop on this eternal destination.

What Most People Don’t Know about Heaven - Part B
May 23, 2022

Most people's ideas about what heaven will be like are vastly different than what Scripture reveals. In the message "What Most People Don't Know about Heaven," Skip shares about a unique place that will be the headquarters of the new earth.

The Greatest Man Meets the Greatest Lamb - Part A
May 22, 2022

Everyone is good at something, maybe even great at something. Maybe you're a great artist or a great mom or even a great leader. Jesus said that John the Baptizer was the greatest man who had ever lived (Matt. 11:11). But John knew Jesus to be the greates

What Most People Don’t Know About Heaven - Part A
May 20, 2022

What happens when a believer dies? What will heaven be like? Discover the answers to those questions as Skip shares some surprising facts about heaven in the message "What Most People Don't Know about Heaven."

The Second Coming of Christ - Part B
May 19, 2022

When Jesus was on earth, He said He would come back. In the message "The Second Coming of Christ," Skip explores Jesus' return to earth once history runs its sinister course, Satan stages his ill-fated retaliation, and God pours out His judgment.

The Second Coming of Christ - Part A
May 18, 2022

Jesus' second coming will be the culmination of redemptive history. In the message "The Second Coming of Christ," Skip considers several aspects of Jesus' return as found in Revelation 19 and throughout the Scriptures.

The Rapture – Is it Real? - Part B
May 17, 2022

Latin translations of the New Testament have the word rapture plainly rendered as rapturo, which simply means a catching away. In the message "The Rapture—Is It Real?" Skip examines this future event when Jesus will come to snatch away believers.