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Concussion Central

Ep 5: Long Term Disability Insurance with Kim Patenaude

August 05, 2022

The single biggest reason that someone with a concussion will need legal assistance is over long term disability insurance coverage. Roughly half of all LTD claims are rejected by insurers, and as an invisible injury, the process of getting coverage can be especially challenging for those with a concussion.

To help us navigate these potentially choppy waters, we're thrilled to have Kim Patenaude as our guest. She is a lawyer with RavenLaw in Ottawa, specializing in employment law, and an expert in the area of long term disability insurance.

In this episode Kim walks us through the differences between short and long term disability coverage, how and when to make the transition, the crucial role of doctors and specialists in getting approval for LTD coverage, and some helpful hints on managing the paperwork and when to turn to a professional for help.

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