Concerning AI | Existential Risk From Artificial Intelligence

Concerning AI | Existential Risk From Artificial Intelligence

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0070: We Don’t Get to Choose
October 23, 2018

Or do we?

0069: Will bias get us first?
September 05, 2018

Ted interviews Jacob Ward, former editor of Popular Science, journalist at many outlets. Jake’s article about the book he’s writing: Black Box Jake’s website Implicit bias tests at Harvard We discuss the idea that we’re currently using narro

0067: The OpenAI Charter (and Assassination Squads)
July 06, 2018

We love the OpenAI Charter. This episode is an introduction to the document and gets pretty dark. Lots more to come on this topic!

0066: The AI we have is not the AI we want
May 03, 2018

0065: AGI Fire Alarm
April 19, 2018

There’s No Fire Alarm for Artificial General Intelligence by Eliezer Yudkowsky  

0064: AI Go Foom
April 05, 2018

We discuss Intelligence Explosion Microeconomics by Eliezer Yudkowsky

0063: Ted’s Talk
March 26, 2018

Ted gave a live talk a few weeks ago.

0062: There’s No Room at the Top
March 16, 2018

0061: Collapse Will Save Us
March 02, 2018

Some believe civilization will collapse before the existential AI risk has a chance to play out. Are they right?