CompTIA Sharkbytes

CompTIA Sharkbytes

Why Information Sharing Matters and what is NIEM Doing About it? (Part 1 if 2)

May 13, 2021

A Conversation with Katherine Escobar, Managing Director of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), and Deputy Division Chief Data and Standards Division, U.S. Department of Defense, Joint Staff J6, and Paul Wormeli and Mike Phillips who are both part of a NIEM Tiger Team to reach out to local, territorial and tribal authorities (SLTT).  

For those who may have tried NIEM in the past or never heard of it, NIEM just celebrated 20 years of accomplishments in information and data sharing. NIEM was formed in part as a response to 9-11’s failures to gather and share data in a meaningful way. After freeing itself from early growing pains and cumbersome procedures – NIEM has become agile, streamlined and now supports 15 critical domains – many directly impacting state and local governments. In a world where is data is “pure gold”

We need to be able to share and digest it in a AI-ready environment. This discussion is an eye-opener.