CompTIA Breaking Barriers with CompTIA's Managed Services Community

CompTIA Breaking Barriers with CompTIA's Managed Services Community

MSP Spotlight: Jay Tipton

February 06, 2020

Personal responsibility is key to IT security for MSPs, said Jay Tipton of Technology Specialists. “You’ve got people out there that do nothing but social engineering, and they’re very good at it,” said Tipton in this MSP Spotlight episode. “People aren’t taking the time to look at what they’re clicking they just click.”

Companies up against clever social engineers need every worker on board to fight IT security threats, and MSPs must find ways to get people to step back and slow down, to read the email or popup before clicking. “How do you get people to take a step back and slow down?” Tipton asked host Miles Jobgen of CompTIA Communities.

Listen to this episode for ways the expanding MSP market factors into cybersecurity and what Tipton said brings too much hype to the industry. Stay tuned for talk on work-related haste, mindful attention to clues that could expose fake or malignant emails and the kinds of due diligence required by all MSPs. “You always have to have a plan B in the back of your head no matter what you’re working on,” Tipton said.

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