CompTIA Breaking Barriers with CompTIA's Managed Services Community

CompTIA Breaking Barriers with CompTIA's Managed Services Community

Customer Connections with Corey Kirkendoll

October 23, 2019

The practice that makes 5K Technical Services most unique has more to do with conversation than technical prowess. Each employee calls three customers regularly to check in and offer support. “Everybody in the company is customer ambassador,” said Corey Kirkendoll, President and CEO at 5K Technical Services. “We have nontechnical people calling people and super technical people calling people. It’s a conversation like, ‘Hey what’s going on? Is there anything we can do?’ and that’s worked out really well for us.”

Kirkendoll started the company after seeing tech-related challenges in volunteer groups, churches and nonprofits. “What I saw consistently was those guys were not able to run their businesses because they had to wait for volunteers to be able to provide support to them,” he said. “We showed them what it’s like to have support and that’s kind of how it took off.”

In this MSP Spotlight on Breaking Barriers, Kirkendoll talks with Community Manager Miles Jobgen to talk about the importance of constant customer connection, bad actors and security challenges and why it’s important to spend time with other MSPs. “They’ve either been though what you’re going through or have somebody who knows somebody who can help you so you don’t have to do it by yourself,” Kirkendoll said.

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