CompTIA Breaking Barriers with CompTIA's Managed Services Community

CompTIA Breaking Barriers with CompTIA's Managed Services Community

Creating Intentional Company Culture

June 27, 2019

Can you find good employees playing recreational volleyball or killing zombies? In this episode of Breaking Barriers, Jason Brunt of e3 Technologies, Steve Alexander of MSP-Ignite and Miles Jobgen of CompTIA talk about creating an intentional culture, and how Brunt’s personal experience with ADD and dyslexia helped him shape the way he looks for talent. “Our background is what shapes us and we can help use it to drive culture in our companies,” said Alexander.

Learn how company culture can impact the success of your business and some real life examples of how to find potential employees in nontraditional ways, from chatting at the airport to playing video games online. “There are a lot of unique ways to find staff and to find people, and there are a lot of good people out there who don’t fit the normal or typical or expected criteria,” Brunt said. “If you know what to look for in a personality — and as long as they have that minimum level of aptitude — you can take their personality to fit with your clients.”

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