CompTIA Layers with the IT Security Community

CompTIA Layers with the IT Security Community

Secure Data, Protect Clients and Avoid Phishing in a Pandemic with High Wire Networks

March 19, 2020

The corona virus pandemic has everyone on high alert, including the technology industry. In tense times people need to be extra aware of hackers and security breaches, according to Phil Burnett and Charles Hughes of High Wire Networks. They use this episode to talk in real time about their own steps to equip their staff to keep things moving during a crisis while keeping everyone safe.

“The bad guys are not taking a break because they understand people are not in situations they’ve planned for or practiced,” said Burnett.

During CompTIA’s Communities and Councils Forum Burnett and Hughes sat down to talk about secure responses to consider right now and how to use tools like behavior analysis to protect people and their data.

Listen for tips on hacking, phishing and how to be flexible in a disaster recovery situation. Pay attention for specialty information for the tech industry, including things you might not have considered, like why it’s important to protect wireless printing and how to avoid spoofing attacks when adrenaline is running high.

The episode was streamed from Batavia amid the social distancing to make sure CompTIA members could get the important tips they need to protect themselves, their data and their clients’ data during times of uncertainty. Keep up on the latest in CompTIA Communities and how response tools being created in real time at