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Document VS Relational Databases
July 30, 2020

It seems like most developers these days are pretty comfortable with relational databases. However, not everything can (or should) fit neatly into a relational model. For various reasons, a NoSql database that stores documents may be a much better solu...

Basics Of Negotiation
July 23, 2020

You've been at the company for several years with lots of value brought in but aren't seeing it in your pay check. You are enjoying working from home and want to make it a permanent thing at your workplace.

Design Basics
July 16, 2020

Lots of developers will tell you that they aren't very good at design. While that may be true, it turns out that we all still have to do basic UI work in our jobs.Read more ›

Types of Programmers: Knowledge Base
July 09, 2020

Whether you're a young genius, a forever dreamer, or a wise sage, you'll meet many different types of developers. The way they express their knowledge and skills can be boiled down into several personality archetypes.Read more ›

Scrum Master Mistakes
July 02, 2020

A lot of companies say that they do scrum. As a subset of agile, this approach can be beneficial to your team's development process. However, bad scrum can rob your team of efficiency, alienate your developers, and destabilize your product over time.

The Significance of 256
June 25, 2020

Two raised to the power of eight (2^8) or 256 has played a significant part in computer science. A byte, made up of 8 bits, has 256 possibilities. From the early days of computing this number has been significant.Read more ›

REST Anti-Patterns
June 18, 2020

If you have an HTTP-based API, you're most likely using the principles of REST to organize your system. While building such a system, it's helpful to organize your code in a way that is not only clean and eloquent,

Understanding Documentation
June 11, 2020

If you are like most developers, you probably like writing documentation even less than reading it. There is a lot more to writing good, solid documentation than most people consider, and that includes your boss,

Types of Programmers: Interpersonal
June 04, 2020

From Bearded Wizards to Jesters and even Martyrs there are many different personalities that you will run into during your career as a developer. These different personalities and personality types can work together or cause strife in your life dependi...

Static Code Analysis
May 28, 2020

If you've worked on any codebases larger than "hello world", you're well-aware that most of them have nasty surprises in them. If you have tried in vain to fix these things manually, static code analysis tools may be an excellent way to do this.