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Complete Leader

Dr. Larry Rosen - Psychology of Technology

February 26, 2019

On this episode of Complete Leader, I’m talking to Dr. Larry Rosen, the Professor Emeritus at California State University, where he was also previously Chair of the Psychology Department. His resume boasts accolades as a research psychologist, computer educator and keynote speaker who deals mainly with the psychology behind technology and the way that technology is impacting our lives, productivity, relationships and behaviour.

I’m chatting with Professor Larry about how technology creates problems for the psyche in the event of overexposure, as well as what impact it has on work-life balance in an age where employees take their work, and associated pressures, home with them.

Dr. Rosen’s book, The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World, written with Adam Gazzaley, MD, Ph.D., was published by MIT Press and won the 2017 PROSE Award for biomedicine and neuroscience.

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