Comin' At Ya

Comin' At Ya

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Episode 325 - Halloween Season
October 23, 2020

Hey True Believers, I'm writing this in traffic because I thought I uploaded everything and well, apparently I did not! So here is the new episode. Hope you enjoy! - Kevin HTH

Episode 324 - The Great Debate
October 09, 2020

Hey True Believers, this week I debate Martin on a variety of topics and clearly and quite easily defeat him! We also cover sexting slang and other topics. - Kevin HTH

Episode 323 - Back in the Studio Again
October 02, 2020

Hey True Believers, this was a great episode! I figured out the audio issues that were causing problems in the studio about five minutes into the recording. The drinks were being poured and it was  nice to let loose and have a much needed laugh!...

Episode 322 - Bro Code; To Break Or Not To Break?
September 28, 2020

Hey True Believers, we recorded this on a special night and I wanted to post it before Friday. We will have another new episode this Friday as well. Hope y'all are doing good and staying safe! - Kevin HTH

Episode 321 - Real Man Stuff
September 11, 2020

Hey True Believers, this was a fun episode that we did remotely on Zoom and we discuss things that every man should know how to do. Stay safe everyone! - Kevin HTH

Episode 320 - Rockstars / White Trash
September 04, 2020

Hey True Believers, this was a fun episode and it was in-studio! The audio sounds horrible! It's hard to tell how it sounds coming out of the board because we are hearing something different in our headphones while we are recording. Next week we will...

Episode 319 - Favorite Video Games / Netflix Messed Up
August 21, 2020

Hey True Believers, this was a spirited discussion on the Netflix debacle from the other day and we also discuss some of our favorite video games growing up and now! Have a great weekend folks - Kevin HTH

Episode 318 - Misconceptions / Movie Theaters Are Back
August 14, 2020

Hey True Believers, I hope you are doing well! This was a fun episode with the three of us and we discuss movie theaters coming back, common misconceptions and other fight news! Have a great weekend! - Kevin HTH

Episode 317 - Better Friend / Fight News
August 07, 2020

Hey True Believers, even though it's a social distanced episode, it's still kind of an old school one with it being just myself and The Kidd. We talk about who's a better friend, who's possibly a psychopath and some Fight News! Have a great weekend...

Episode 316 - Changes in Life
July 17, 2020

Hey True Believers, we talk about the changes with the pandemic as it gets worse and what changes in our lives we would make if we could go back in time. It's not all doom and gloom though, in fact it's a pretty fun episode. Have a great weekend and...