Comin' At Ya

Comin' At Ya

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Episode 281 - Nicky Long Balls / Fight News
October 04, 2019

Hey True Believers, Nicky Long Balls is back in studio! We had a great chat from Fight News to the new Joker movie! 

Episode 280 - New Favorite TV Shows / Martin Speaks
September 27, 2019

Hey True Believers, this was a good episode where we were at full strength with all of us in! Martin actually learned how to talk into the microphone! I hope you like it! 

Episode 278 - Bad Movies / Burnt Out
September 20, 2019

Hey True Believers, What is up?! I took a week off and the fellas did an episode without me  which I have not released yet, I don't know if I will or not. Should I? In any case this was done on an off-night because no one could meetup on our...

Episode 277 - Driving Or Riding / Fight News
September 06, 2019

Hey True Believers, I hope you are well and enjoying the end of summer! This was a great chat between myself, Martin and Chris. I hope you dig it! Have a great weekend - Kevin HTH

Episode 276 - Am I Dumb Or Are You Stupid?
September 02, 2019

Hey True Believers, we had some technical difficulties that prevented us from releasing the episode in a timely manner, so I apologize for that. This was a good talk between me, Chris and Jesse and I hope you enjoy! - Kevin HTH

Episode 275 - Four Headed Monster Talk
August 23, 2019

Hey True Believers, I really hope you guys like this episode, because it was a real fun one to record. We have some changes coming soon and some big plans but I'd rather not reveal what they are, you guys will like em though...I hope! Have a great...

Episode 274 - Movie Etiquite / Fight News
August 16, 2019

Hey True Believers, we are back to full strength this week as Friend Martin, Jesse Jam, The Kidd and myself are in-studio and we're discussing everything from Conor sucker punching old people to Harley Race's recent passing. I hope you guys have a...

Episode 273 - Old Slang / Cartoons
August 09, 2019

Hey True Believers, I hope you are well and enjoying the summer as it's rapidly approaching the upcoming school year! This was a three man booth style episode with myself, Chris and Jesse. I hope you dig it! We talk about Saturday morning cartoons,...

Episode 272 - Full House / Drunkcast 2019
August 02, 2019

Hey True Believers, this was the most fun I've had doing an episode in a long time! Last week we had four people in, and this week we had five! All in-studio and all fired up! It's a little longer than usual but I think you'll really enjoy it! Have a...

Episode 271 - Four Headed Beast!!! / FMK
July 26, 2019

True Believers, this was an awesome fun show and hopefully we will have a regular four man booth type feel! I love the energy of having everyone in the room and honestly this was such a great episode for me. I really feel like everyone is melding...