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#310: Faithe Herman on her role as Darla in the superhero hit, SHAZAM!
April 04, 2020

Actress Faithe Herman joins me to talk about her role on the NBC hit series, This Is Us, and her time in the DC Universe as Darla Dudley in the hit superhero blockbuster film, SHAZAM!Photo courtesy Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images North AmericaImages TM & co...

#309: Amy Acker on portraying Lois Lane in Superman: Red Son!
March 28, 2020

Gifted actress Amy Acker drops by the Lair to talk about her roles in Marvel’s Gifted & Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., acting alongside Michael Emerson in Person of Interest, being a part of the Whedon-verse in Angel and Dollhouse,

#308: Jesse Rath from Supergirl on bringing Brainiac 5 to life!
March 05, 2020

Super actor Jesse Rath is my guest in the Comic Book Central Lair this week! Jesse is here to talk about bringing to life the futuristic comic character Brainiac 5 on the hit CW series, Supergirl!Images TM & copyright © Warner Bros., the CW,

#307: Natalie Dreyfuss is here to talk about playing Sue Dearbon (Dibny?) on The Flash!
February 29, 2020

Flash-tastic actress Natalie Dreyfuss is my guest in the Lair this week and we are talking all about her explosive introduction as Sue Dearbon (Dibny?) on the CW hit superhero series, The Flash! Images TM & copyright © Warner Bros., the CW,

#306: Emmy-winner Michael Emerson on Arrow and voicing the Joker!
February 22, 2020

From chilling to champion, sinister to savior, villain to hero – Emmy-winning actor Michael Emerson has done it all! This week, he’s joining me in the Lair to talk about his roles on Lost, Person of Interest, Evil, and of course,

#305: Mouseketeer and Super Friend Sherry Alberoni!
February 09, 2020

From Mouseketeer to working with Abbott & Costello & Jimmy Stewart, to becoming a Super Friend! Actress Sherry Alberoni drops by the Lair to talk about her showbiz start on the Mickey Mouse Club, getting scared by a cyborg,

#304: Crisis Hotline Special Pt. 2 with Kevin Conroy, Robert Wuhl, and Jon Cryer!
January 13, 2020

Before you watch the conclusion of the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, don’t you dare miss part two of my Crisis Hotline special! Past Comic Book Central guests Kevin Conroy (Batman), Robert Wuhl (Alexander Knox),

#303: Crisis Hotline Special with Marc Guggenheim, Johnathon Schaech, and John Wesley Shipp!
January 11, 2020

It’s part one of my Crisis Hotline special! Past Comic Book Central guests Marc Guggenheim (executive producer/writer), Johnathon Schaech (Jonah Hex), and John Wesley Shipp (The Flash) return to the Lair to talk about their time in the epic CW crossove...

#302: From Crisis on Infinite Earths, actor LaMonica Garrett on playing Monitor and Anti-Monitor!
December 21, 2019

It’s a crisis on Comic Book Central as I welcome the Monitor (and the Anti-Monitor) from the Crisis on Infinite Earths CW crossover, actor LaMonica Garrett!Photo courtesy Bobby QuillardImages TM & copyright © Warner Bros., The CW,

#301: Legendary comic book artist Todd McFarlane on Spawn, Venom, and Spider-Man!
December 15, 2019

Year 7 of Comic Book Central begins with legendary comic book creator, Todd McFarlane! The creator of Spawn and co-creator of Venom joins me to talk about those characters, his epic run on Spider-Man, his new DC toy line, and so much more.