Latest Episodes

SmashFilm - It's A Wonderful Life
December 26, 2018

And a Happy New Year to you... IN JAIL!

SmashFilm - The Illusionist
December 17, 2018

Even this podcast is an illusion.

SmashFilm - Sicario
December 03, 2018

This is now a podcast about Josh Brolin's sandals.

November 28, 2018

The chihuahua transplant was a good look for Sarah Jessica Parker

SmashFilm - SE7EN
November 20, 2018

The deadly sins list should update to replace Sloth with Podcasting

SmashFilm - The 'Burbs
November 05, 2018

The Nextdoor app for this street would be TRULY f**ked up

SmashFilm - Halloween
October 31, 2018

Trick or Treat

SmashFilm - Shaun of the Dead
October 29, 2018

Maybe the real treasure was the Zombies we killed along the way...

SmashFilm - The Haunting of Hill House
October 23, 2018

So. Many. Ghosts.

ComicNoobs SPECIAL - Free World Comic Interview
October 20, 2018

Awesome new comic by Corey Lakel Pruitt