ColemanNation - Season 2: Ron Coleman's Interesting People

ColemanNation - Season 2: Ron Coleman's Interesting People

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“Right Wing News, Before it Got Popular”
September 18, 2023

These days everyone takes websites offering conservative news and views for granted. But decades ago, when John Hawkins started and unabashedly called it what it was he ...

“The Little Platoon is Judging You”
September 11, 2023

Hes that neat aesthete you want to meet! YouTubes Little Platoon isnt just the drollest media critic on the Internet, hes probably the smartest. Also the most animated.

“The Continuing Journey of Sohrab Ahmari”
August 29, 2023

Sohrab Ahmari is the kind of public intellectual the commentariat cant stand: Unapologetically Catholic and almost painfully sincere. One of ColemanNations earliest guests swings back for a chat. Pu

“The Journey of John Daniel Hull”
August 21, 2023

Washington lawyer Dan Hull has seen it all and done it all, mostly as a Democrat. January 6th changed everything.

“Valor Grows by Daring”
August 09, 2023

Like millions of people, YouTubes Valliant Renegade grew up loving the movies and fascinated by the people and companies that made them. Then came 21st-century Disney Studios. Check out Valliant ...

“The Power of Fear”
July 31, 2023

Science writer Patrick Hahns book, The Day the Science Died, examines how the events of 2020 broke the bond of trust between the medical professional and patients. Buy his new ...

“Is Nothing Good Enough for Us?”
July 25, 2023

In her new book You Will Own Nothing, Carol Roth explores the financial, social and institutional forces threatening to destroy the economic and spiritual independence of individuals and small ...

“Haley Smokes”
July 17, 2023

Haley Kennington knows everyone. Is that why shes quietly gotten herself to the intersection of almost everything cool happening in the America First scene, or is it how she did?

“Disney’s District of Dismay”
July 10, 2023

Lawyer Andrew Esquire isnt just the host of the hit YouTube channel Legal Mindset. He spent years assisting clients in the formation of Florida special tax districts like but ...

“The White Pill of Liberty”
July 04, 2023

Jefferson said the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. The good news is that Michael Malice has a pill ...