ColemanNation - Season 2: Ron Coleman's Interesting People

ColemanNation - Season 2: Ron Coleman's Interesting People

Latest Episodes

“Rekindling the Flame”
February 06, 2023

Is a RETVRN to classical learning the last best hope for American education? Jeremy Wayne Tate, CEO of the Classical Learning Test, believes the answer is yes.  Can parents and ...

“How the FBI Acquired Twitter”
February 03, 2023

Lee Smith returns to the show to talk about the Deep States infiltration of social media, Bidens classified document scandal, and more.

“Chained Gang”
January 30, 2023

Supply-chain guru Jim Nelles explains why the economy is broken, why cities seem hopeless and why hes hanging in there anyway.

“The Man They Love to Hate”
January 26, 2023

Everyone who doesnt love journalist, commentator and Elon Musk favorite Ian Miles Cheong hates him but really hates him. Ron asks him why.

“Artificial Intransigience”
January 23, 2023

Kristen Ruby has the goods on some of the AI programming that still has Elon Musks Twitter tied up in virtual and political knots and conservatives are getting fed ...

“One Man in His Time”
January 16, 2023

Modern-day theater impresario Brian Clowdus has played many parts in his artistic and political journeys.

“Joe McBride’s Mission”
January 09, 2023

After his brothers wrongful conviction and imprisonment, Joe McBride dedicated his life to criminal defense. Now hes representing January 6th defendants that the system has punished before theyve e

“The Quest of Stealth Jeff”
December 26, 2022

No one seemed to trust the plan more than Brian Cates, once known on Twitter as Stealth Jeff [Sessions]. As active as ever, though, Cates has learned from his experiences, ...

“Repairing Elections from the Bottom Up”
December 19, 2022

When Cleta Mitchell started the Election Integrity Network, she knew it had to attack problems with the broken electoral system at the grassroots. Its working, but the labor has just ...

“We Didn’t Make it for You”
December 12, 2022

Washington insider Jeff Ballabon explains why reforming the Republican National Committee will be an uphill battle no matter who heads it, and how the Anti-Defamation League has become an engine ...