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“The Forgotten Fourteenth”
November 29, 2021

Georgetown Law’s Randy Barnett’s new book argues that it’s time to take a new old look at the 14th Amendment. This isn’t your father’s Incorporation Doctrine.

“Julie Kelly Won’t be Denied”
November 18, 2021

Corporate journalism hasn’t only ignored the government’s harsh treatment of January 6th defendants – it has been a part of it.  If it weren’t for Julie Kelly, we might not know ...

“Bee in their Bonnets”
November 12, 2021

Seth Dillon’s Babylon Bee creates buzz every day with its incisive parody of the humorless Hive.

“We are Not the Same Guy 2”
November 05, 2021

Dave Reaboi and Jeff Ballabon join Ron again for a post mortum on Election Day 2021.

“Small Business Versus the Leviathan”
November 03, 2021

Carol Roth wrote the book on “The War on Small Business.” She doesn’t think we’ve even begun to fight back – but we better.

“Let’s Go Bryson”
October 28, 2021

Bryson Gray’s “Let’s Go Brandon” rap flew to the top of the iTunes charts so fast that YouTube pulled the plug on it. Now Gray is hotter than ever.

“Ed Latimore Knows How to Get Physical”
October 25, 2021

Gorilla mindset is one thing, but former pro heavyweight boxer and physics graduate Ed Latimore is selling the crackhead mindset – and how it can help you reach your own ...

“Culmination – or New Beginning?”
October 19, 2021

  Activist and author Adam Coleman says the modern welfare state and black society share the blame for the state of black family life. He lived it – and he ...

“Joe Kent on Why YouTube Cancelled Me”
October 14, 2021

Joe Kent is a Gold Star husband, former Green Beret, and candidate for Congress from Washington State. He’s a tough conservative. Were these all the reasons YouTube needed to cancel ...

“Veni, vidi, Vivek”
October 05, 2021

Vivek Ramaswamy is a smashingly successful product of the system he takes apart and critiques in his book, “Woke, Inc.” That’s why  he may be just what the doctor ordered.