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Code Story

S5 Bonus: David Ciccarelli,

November 10, 2021

David Ciccarelli is a husband to his partner in life and business, Stephanie, and a dad to 4 kids - one boy, and three girls. He loves to be doing anything outdoors - hiking, biking, etc - and has a cottage out in the country. His most memorable hike was near his hometown, at the Provincial Park, where he climbed up to the top if the Sleeping Giant.

Being a true Canadian, he was able to direct my suspicions about Poutine, which is French fries, gravy and cheese curds - aka an indulgent dish. He said that its more of a regular favorite in places like old Quebec, but most people enjoy it perhaps once a year, as you can't really have it every day.

Growing up, David loved experimenting with sound - playing piano, tuning into radio stations, and tinkering with an old record player. He discovered there was an audio engineering program at school, and set out with the goal of starting a small project recording studio. He met his now wife and co-founder through their first voice recording project... which then, began to be advertised and attract more and more talent.

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