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Code Story

S5 E22: Josh Dzielak, Orbit

November 09, 2021

Josh Dzielak is originally from the US, but lives in Pari now. And because of this, he likes to take advantage and walk around to take in the sights. He lives close to an area with a park, featuring gardens and lots of trees. He goes there to clear his head, have a little bit of nature, and also, to have walking meetings.

Josh likes to stay active through running, cycling, and the aforementioned walking. He's married with a 13 month old daughter. He met his wife, not in Paris or the US, but in Thailand. He jokes that his young daughter is growing up faster than his company.

He avidly confirms that the food in Paris is amazing. The simple things are fantastic, and he frequents the patisserie for his favorite almond croissant. His family loves to host people when the come to town, so they can ensure they try some of the exquisite foods and strong flavors.

At a prior company as a developer advocate, Josh started using the Orbit model. He compared the model to being like the funnel for sales, except the Orbit model applies to community. After he left the company, he joined his now co-founder, using the Orbit model in a consulting context. Then, the aha moment occurred - what if we built a product to facilitate this?

This is the creation story of Orbit.

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