Codename: Blank

Codename: Blank

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Codename Blank Season One Trailer
June 14, 2020

A trailer for season one of Codename: Blank! For more information, go to 

The Codename: Blank April Fools' Special
April 01, 2020

An Improv Episode

1x09 A Very Codename: Blank Christmas!
December 22, 2019

Episode 9

1x08 The Terrifying Three of Terror!
December 06, 2019

Episode 8

1x07 Secrets of the Hidden Nazi Brigades!
November 20, 2019

During a mission to Argentina, Howard and Johnny discover a secret brigade of Nazis ready to bring back the Third Reich! Howard and Johnny are about to face their most dangerous enemies yet! Featuring the song, "Background Bossa" by Rachel Boyd. Sound...

1x06 Flashback to the Past!
November 05, 2019

How did Howard and Johnny first meet? This episode reveals their first mission together: going undercover as students in a high school!   Sound Effects by Soundly, Free SFX, and Foley Effects by Rachel Boyd. 

1x05 The Other Howard!
October 19, 2019

Episode Five

1x04 Ascension of the Christ-Kidnapper!
October 05, 2019

Episode Four

1x03 Zheng for the Memories!
September 21, 2019

Episode Three

1x02 Russia Needs Women!
September 14, 2019

Episode Two