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[podcast] Georgia's journey of reducing TB and drug-resistant TB rates
September 22, 2023

This podcast features Dr Nino Lomtadze, Head of Surveillance and Strategic Planning Department at Georgia's National TB Programme. Georgia was among the high MDR-TB burden countries till 2016 after wh

[podcast] Would Seychelles be the first African country to end TB?
September 20, 2023

This podcast features Dr Louine Morel, Medical Registrar, Communicable Disease Control unit, Ministry of Health of Seychelles, who was on the panel for #EndTB Dialogues (season-2), #90for90 #Glob

[podcast] Vietnam study: 68% drop in TB if we screen all (not just those with symptoms) and link to standard treatment and care pathway
September 16, 2023

Vietnam study shows 68% drop in new TB cases if we screen everyone (not just those with symptoms) and link them with standard treatment, care and support pathway. It is important to underline that Vie

[podcast] Will people demand rights-based WHO recommended TB services and hold governments to account?
September 16, 2023

This podcast features Eloisa 'Louie' Zepeda-Teng, a TB survivor and powerful advocate, and founder of TB People Philippines. She survived one of the rare and serious forms of TB, due to which lost her

[podcast] Will WHO-recommended TB diagnostics and treatments become a reality for all?
September 15, 2023

This podcast features Ani Herna Sari, Chair of Rekat Peduli Indonesia Foundation (TB survivor organisation), who calls upon the governments to ensure access to best of WHO recommended diagnostics, tre

[podcast] Detecting TB early and accurately is critical part of #EndTB strategy: Know more about TB laboratory on wheels in Timor-Leste
September 14, 2023

This podcast features Dr Arvind Mathur, World Health Organization (WHO) Representative to Timor-Leste. Detecting the TB cases and the diagnostics are very critical part of the #EndTB Strategy, sa

[podcast] Fighting TB one 'Barangay' at a time: New decentralised & point-of-care tools making a difference
September 09, 2023

This podcast features Dr Samantha Tinsay, Municipal Health Officer, Bantayan Municipality, Cebu, Philippines, who shares her team's experience of deploying new TB diagnostic tools (ultra-portable

[podcast] To detect TB is to fight TB: Diagnosis is critical entry point to TB care pathway
September 08, 2023

This podcast features Sumit Mitra, President of Global Sales and Marketing, Molbio Diagnostics, who asserts "To detect TB is to fight TB." Diagnosis is critical entry point to TB care pathway and

[podcast] Multi-disease, point-of-care and decentralised molecular testing should be the norm, says Sriram Natarajan
September 07, 2023

This podcast features Sriram Natarajan, cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of Molbio Diagnostics - who leads the team behind Truenat - the only World Health Organization (WHO) approved and rec

[podcast] Global peace is integral to end TB goal, says Dr Hiam Yaacoub of Lebanon
September 02, 2023

This podcast features Dr Hiam Yaacoub, who has been the National TB Programme Manager of Lebanon since 2012. She is a senior specialist in respiratory medicine and TB at the Ministry of Public Health