Canadian Musician Podcast

Canadian Musician Podcast

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A Deep Dive into Music Supervision & Sync Licensing
October 05, 2022

Cody Partridge of Pear Tree Music Supervision explains how he does his job and answers all the questions musicians have about sync licensing and how songs get in shows, movies, and ads.

CanCon, Streaming & the Controversial ‘Online Streaming Act’ with Michael Geist; PLUS, Guitarist Extraordinaire Jeff Gunn
September 28, 2022

Michael Geist explains and dissects Bill C-11, which will bring CanCon regulations to the streaming world. Jeff Gunn returns to talk his new album, artistic growth, playing for Ringo Starr & more

Alexisonfire’s Dallas Green & George Pettit: The CM Cover Story Interview
September 21, 2022

Dallas Green & George Pettit on Alexisonfire's early years, reunion, new album, legacy, and more.

Jason Blaine on the Country Music Business & Shifting to Alt-Country; PLUS, Rich Chambers on Tackling a Music Career at a Later Age
September 14, 2022

Jason Blaine on shifting his musical identity and navigating the change with fans & industry. Plus, Rich Chambers's personal story and message to others who are pursuing a music career later in life

Cadence Weapon’s Hard-Earned Lessons for Life in Music
September 07, 2022

Rollie Pemberton, aka the Polaris Music Prize-winning rapper & producer Cadence Weapon, shares lessons & stories from his 20 years in the music industry

Hip-Hop/Soul Artist & Financial Coach Dynesti Williams; Plus, Beloved Punk Band The Flatliners Celebrate 20 Years
August 31, 2022

Dynesti Williams shares career and financial lessons for indie artists, plus Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners on the band's evolution & longevity

Michael Barclay on ‘Hearts On Fire: Six Years that Changed Canadian Music, 2000-2005’
August 24, 2022

Music journalist & author Michael Barclay discusses his latest book and why Canadian indie music had a sudden explosion in creativity and popularity in the early 2000s

Tackling Music Streaming’s $300 Million (Or More) Fraud Problem
August 17, 2022

Beatdapp Co-Founders Morgan Hayduk & Andrew Batey on how fraudulent streams are costing hundreds of millions in lost royalties and how theyre catching it

Fabiana Claure & the Musician’s Profit Umbrella
August 10, 2022

Concert pianist, entrepreneur, and business coach for musicians, Fabiana Claure explains how she helps musicians launch their own businesses

Kallie Marie on ‘Conversations with Women in Music Production’
August 03, 2022

Producer and engineer, musician, and songwriter Kallie Marie discusses her own experiences as a woman in music production & the conversations she had for her new book.