The Filmmakers Lounge

The Filmmakers Lounge

Nathan Buck - Making "Before El Finâ"

November 10, 2019

Nathan Buck has worn many hats on his path to becoming an indie film writer and director. He has been a mime on the streets of Paris, a videographer on commercial projects, and a media entrepreneur. Throughout his journey, he has been a student of cinema and a keen observer of the human condition.

The worst advice he got as he was planning to make his first feature was from a movie agent who told him point blank, "Don't make this film." Had he listened, this conversation would probably have been delayed. We're lucky that Nathan got the support he needed and is able to share with us the lessons he has learned about how to overcome the obstacles, many of them self-induced, to making a movie.

Nathan stopped by the Filmmakers Lounge to talk about the greatest gift his wife, the choreographer and dancer Megumi Edi, could have ever given him, how Aristotle inspired his rules of filmmaking, and what it was like to make a movie about the "square at the end of the world".