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CT0016: Learning from COVID19, a sister disaster to #ClimateChange
July 30, 2020

“We are not a bunch of high school students who come to the room, read a little poetry, dance around, eat some food and they’ll say we had the young people there.” Deon cracked me up when he used that sentence to describe youth tokenization in globa...

CT0015: Raising an army of African Climate actors
June 24, 2020

Dear friend, How do you mobilize over 1 billion people across the world to protect our planet? On this episode of the Climate Talk Podcast, I spoke with Matthew Lefler, the coordinator of Earth Day Africa for the Earth Day Network; he shared with...

CT0014: Youth Response to COVID19 and Climate Change
April 22, 2020

As the Focal Person for YOUNGO, the UNFCCC’s Youth Constituency, Heeta as reveals how young people are stepping up to lead in the face of the crisis.

CT0013: Addressing Climate Emergency: Beyond COPS and Conferences
February 19, 2020

Nisreen Elsaim is from Sudan, a country that is highly impacted by climate change on the African continent. In 2012, before “climate” became a buzz word on the social development […]

CT0011 – Disrupting the Fossil Fuel Transport Sector
December 18, 2019

Kenneth Nwarache is a young Nigerian Engineer, he recently co-founded e-Keke and got over 50 investors knocking on his doors in less than two weeks.

CT0010 – Climate Action: Building Inter-generational Platforms
October 30, 2019

My guest on this episode is Nnimmo Bassey from Nigeria. Unquestionably, Nnimmo is one of Africa’s most consistent and long-standing Environmentalists. In 1993, Dr. Bassey co-founded the Environmental Rights Action and has continued to lead a lot of suc...

CT009 – The Politics Behind the Amazon Forest Fire
September 03, 2019

On this episode of the Climate Talk Podcast, my guest is Paloma Costa, a 27-year old Climate Activist in Brasilia, the biggest city of Brazil. Paloma coordinates the working group of Engajamundo, a youth-led Climate Change focused organization in Brazi...

CT008 – Climate Action: Young People are Doing the Right Thing
August 12, 2019

Meet our first female guest on the Climate Talk Podcast, widely regarded as the number one youth on the planet; Jayathma Wickramanayake needs little or no introduction, she is the […]

CT007 – How UN is working to fully become a Climate-Neutral Organization
July 31, 2019

Niclas Svenningsen is my guest on this episode of the Climate Talk Podcast. He has worked at the United Nations for over 20 years, in different positions and countries; currently, Niclas is the Manager of Global Climate Action at the UN Climate Change ...

CT006 – Youth Inclusiveness in Climate Negotiation
June 26, 2019

Atayi Babs is a Multilingual Information Strategist and communication expert who has been on the Climate Change scene for over a decade, he started as a University student and now […]