Clear To Send: Wireless Network Engineering

Clear To Send: Wireless Network Engineering

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CTS 320: WPA3-Enterprise Part 2
August 04, 2023

Wi-Fi Alliance defines three modes of operations for WPA3-Enterprise: This Episode is sponsored by WiFi Scanner Download your trial today at Specifications WPA3-Enterprise Only Here ar

CTS 319: Multi-Function Radio with Arista Networks (Sponsored)
July 24, 2023

This episode is sponsored by Arista Networks We’re taking a dive into how a multi-function radio can help network engineers with many tasks. A multi-function radio is an additional radio not used for

CTS 318: WPA3-Personal Part 1
July 06, 2023

In this episode, were diving into WPA3-Personal and understanding what is different between previous Wi-Fi security, such as WPA2. WPA3 has been around since 2018 but were barely implementing it in

CTS 317: Wireless Playoffs
May 22, 2023

Kelly Burroughs, our special guest from iBwave, joins the podcast to discuss the shifting landscape in Enterprise from a one and done single technology solution view to an agile one and whats the

CTS 316: How OWE Works
May 08, 2023

Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE) is a way to secure open Wi-Fi networks. Encryption keys are created between a device and an access point (AP). In Wi-Fi 6E, you can no longer create open Wi-Fi

CTS 315: 5 Wi-Fi Books You Need to Read
April 24, 2023

If you want to become a better Wi-Fi engineer, then look no further to these 5 Wi-Fi books. We recommend having these books on your shelf and using them as reference. All of these books include a plet

CTS 314: Is ChatGPT useful to a Wi-Fi Engineer
April 17, 2023

Is ChatGPT useful to a Wi-Fi Engineer AI is really starting to make its mark on the world. ChatGPT has already provided us a many ways to improve efficiency in how we do research and solve problems. F

CTS 313: Feeling Inspired After WLPC
March 31, 2023

Informing others on WLPC WLPC is the Wi-Fi conference to attend. Clear To Send attended the conference in Phoenix in February 2023. It happened to be right before the SuperBowl. This episode is sponso

CTS 312: Outsourcing Survey Work
February 13, 2023

Finding the right resource for survey work can be challenging due to the amount of Wi-Fi experts available. In this episode, we talk about why you would want to outsource the work and who you should o

CTS 311: 5 Reasons To Get Your CWNA
January 31, 2023

The CWNA is our most recommended certification and first path to becoming a Wi-Fi specialist or expert. Youll gain an immense amount of Wi-Fi fundamentals that will lead you to become the go-to Wi-Fi