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CTC Podcast 205 – Alex Gets Mad
November 06, 2023

The Sharks gave up 10 goals in two straight games and Alex has had enough. For once, Ben has to talk him down. Colin enjoys popcorn.

CTC Podcast 204 – Historically Inept
October 30, 2023

Theres no reason to panic, because getting a chance at Celebrini is worth celebrating. There is cause for concern, however, because the coaching staff seems to have no idea what theyre doing. Alex a

CTC Podcast 203 – Predictable Beginnings
October 16, 2023

The San Jose Sharks have been tossed into the fire by NHL schedule makers, with predictable results. The Sharks are pretty bad. #mackblack is probably not going to stop 50 shots every night. Alex and

CTC Podcast 202 – Bottom of the League
October 02, 2023

This is going to be a rough year for team teal, yall. The three of us dont exactly agree on how rough, however, so hold on to your butts. Its the first podcast of the season! Note: Alex had interne

CTC Podcast 201 – Redemption Arc?
July 11, 2023

The San Jose Sharks were set up for, and executed, an incredible (if not optimal) first round of the draft. Then we had the UFA period begin and the Sharks have been active there as well. How does the

CTC Podcast 200 – Season Review: An Inefficient Start to a Bad Time
April 18, 2023

Alex, Ben, and Colin bring you a super-sized season review and off-season preview. Enjoy!

CTC Podcast 199 – Untanking
April 04, 2023

The San Jose Sharks have called up some of the young guys and, as a consequence, are doing a great job now of undoing their recent tank job. Which is bad. We talk about all that and more.

CTC Podcast 198 – A Freaking Mess
March 21, 2023

You might think that I am referring to the James Reimer Pride Night situationAND I AM. Im also referring to the technical difficulties faced by Colin this week which turned him into a podcast listen

CTC Podcast 197 – The Timo Meier Memorial Trade Deadline Round-Up
March 07, 2023

Yeah, we have a lot to say about this trade deadline. Listen, if you like.

CTC Podcast 196 – Expected Kunins
February 15, 2023

GM Mike Grier loves himself some replacement-level players so we have to wonder: how many Luke Kunins will the #sjsharks add in the Erik Karlsson and Timo Meier trades that are shaping up. 5? 6? A who