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CIO Talk Network Podcast

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Can Kofax deliver on its Intelligent Automation promise?
March 12, 2020

Organizations across industries are adopting automation to handle use cases including repetitive transactions to complex knowledge-based business processes. Focus is shifting from creating only operational efficiencies to revenue generation. Kofax, a new

Addressing the top three CISO challenges
March 12, 2020

Decades ago, CISOs started as the guardian of the firewall, defending a well-defined perimeter. But today, with anytime and anywhere data access imperative, such boundaries are blurred. Securing crown jewels in a cloud environment, with poor under the hoo

Tackling the top five digital transformation roadblocks
March 11, 2020

We are now in the execution mode with digital. The top five issues reported include lack of overarching digital strategy, ineffective organizational structure, employee resistance, unavailability of the quality talent pool, and insufficient budget support

Rethinking Ethics for Digital
February 20, 2020

Gaining competitive advantage, learning how humans think and make purchase decisions, and what’s going to happen next in business are some of the practical reasons organizations are looking to exploit digital capabilities. But, not everything legal, whi

Leading through Transition
February 13, 2020

A significant shift like a merger in business or economic meltdown leaves employees wondering about their safety, what the future holds for them, how their roles will change, and how they should carry out their duties. How should a leader keep employees p

Using Digital to Solve Analog Problems
February 05, 2020

Manufacturing uses digital twins for physical product prototyping and innovation. How can leaders use digital to tackle analog problems, including organizational effectiveness, change management, workforce optimization, cultural relevance, and cost contro

A Digital Operating Model that delivers Results
January 30, 2020

Digital is no longer just a cool idea or about only marketing and customer experience. From product development, production, service operation, supply chain, and employees’ experience–you must re-imagine all. How should an organization go about defini

Delivering Smiles Every Time: A Case Study
January 30, 2020

1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc., an international player in gifting, wanted to offer a world-class experience to it’s increasingly demanding customers. Beyond innovative use of retail technology, it required reimagining processes, removing siloed thinking, and

Measuring and Improving Effectiveness at Work
January 23, 2020

Effectiveness feels like a fuzzy word; thus, many of us go after measuring and improving productivity. How a person thinks, manages time, prioritizes tasks, makes decisions, and gets up to speed with the job—all factors into effectiveness. How are organ

Rewriting the Application Access Playbook
January 22, 2020

Users have left the premise and working outside the four walls of your organization. With the cloud as the new home, applications are leaving the data center. 5G is redefining network and connectivity. Delivering seamless and secure user experience, maint