CIO Talk Network Podcast

CIO Talk Network Podcast

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Delivering on the 2021 CISO Agenda
November 03, 2020

For the upcoming year 2021, how are the CISOs enabling a business-driven cyber strategy, gearing up to take on the broader role, and planning budgets that directly tie to business growth and improved risk management? How are they planning to develop their

Steps to Trustworthy AI
October 22, 2020

What makes an AI system fair, safe, open, and useful for an average user? How are policymakers, organizations, and academia teaming up to ensure transparency into the data we use, the learning models we adopt, and how we configure those models to process

Transforming Security Operating Model
October 08, 2020

Your digital assets and networks are growing, and so are the related threats. Executive leadership now views cybersecurity as a strategic business issue. The reputational, regulatory, and financial risks are mounting. How are you transforming your securit

Fixing problems before they happen
October 01, 2020

What if we didn’t need to fight daily fires, and could stay focused on building capabilities and delivering value? While it may be a dream come true, why do we keep tolerating today’s problems and turn blind to the ones we could face tomorrow? What sh

How to Unstructure Your Organization for the Future?
September 24, 2020

Multi-layered bureaucratic organizations with centralized decision making and endless meeting schedules are a recipe for disaster. How can you creatively unstructure your organization to foster fluid ideation, rapid decisions, and sustained relevance for

From Traditional IT Ops to Automated AI Ops
September 23, 2020

Organizations are increasingly adopting modern application delivery models to support accelerated time to market, but it has tipped over the traditional IT operations execution methods. Today, IT infrastructure must be provisioned almost instantaneously w

Preparing for major cyber events
September 17, 2020

With our world disrupted by COVID, how are you preparing for major cyber events that could most likely follow? What level of crisis preparedness, escalation processes, and communication strategies would allow your organization to handle major cyber events

Keeping Higher Education Viable Through Technology
August 26, 2020

With falling enrollments, increasing student debts, declining state funding, lowering world ranking, and dwindling degree completion rates, the higher education sector in the United States of America is facing grave challenges. What can technology-enabled

Using Problems to Drive Focus
August 21, 2020

Most leaders take pride in their problem-solving abilities. But, how do you pick the right problems, choose the right people, provide them with the right resources, and get out of the way to prevent leakage in time, money, and effort, and to drive individ

Mastering the Highly Distributed Workforce Recipe
August 13, 2020

Businesses are becoming increasingly amenable to remote work arrangement to attract and retain quality talent and to maintain continuity of operations during crises. Most employees are working from home, in isolation, trying to develop a new rhythm, work