CIO Talk Network Podcast

CIO Talk Network Podcast

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Facilitating Seamless Patient Experiences and Joy in Healthcare Practice: A Case Study
January 26, 2023

The NewYork-Presbyterian healthcare system is on a mission to maximize patient experience and outcomes, which requires creating an environment that facilitates seamless and connected experiences for p

Rethinking Supply Chain to Business Resiliency
January 18, 2023

Due to the pandemic, global supply chains were rattled, and we are still scrambling. So how are business, supply chain, and IT leaders rethinking supply chain and operations to ensure business readine

Individual Revolution in Healthcare: Beyond the Hype
January 09, 2023

From personalized medicine and therapeutics to data-driven hyper-customized experience during patient registration, treatment, and recovery, healthcare is experiencing the individual revolution. But h

The State of Value-Based Care
December 30, 2022

Value-Based Care is a proposed healthcare delivery model for the United States where the patients health outcome is key. It is about the value of the health outcome rather than volume of services. To

Enabling Curiosity at Scale
December 22, 2022

To stay relevant in todays fast-paced world, the people within organizations need to become more curious. But most of them stop once theyve found what is satisfactory and stick by ithow do we enabl

Should You Use Your Head or Heart as a Leader?
December 06, 2022

In this turbulent and dynamically shifting business climate, leaders have business results to deliver, handle competing priorities, a need to sustain a conducive culture and foster courage and clarity

Solving the Quiet Quitting Crisis
November 16, 2022

If workers are not getting clarity about their respective roles, dont see growth prospects, and feel that no one cares about them, it can potentially lead to active or passive disengagement. But what

Reinventing Carrier: A 100-year-old Startup Journey
November 01, 2022

Carrier, a legacy waterfall manufacturing company, has embarked on a journey to reinvent itself by leveraging digital. From educating the leadership and board about the value of digital, partnering wi

Rearchitecting Retail by Harnessing Data at Scale
October 24, 2022

The changes in consumer behavior and demands for hyper-personalized service warrant investments from a shrinking bottom line for retailers due to higher e-commerce adoption and increased Supply Chain

Ensuring Digital and Virtual Healthcare Security
October 06, 2022

Digital health initiatives pose significant security risks, and telehealth introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic further compounds the issue. But, how centralized and well-integrated are their syste