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CIO Talk Network Podcast

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Preparing for major cyber events
September 17, 2020

With our world disrupted by COVID, how are you preparing for major cyber events that could most likely follow? What level of crisis preparedness, escalation processes, and communication strategies would allow your organization to handle major cyber events

Keeping Higher Education Viable Through Technology
August 26, 2020

With falling enrollments, increasing student debts, declining state funding, lowering world ranking, and dwindling degree completion rates, the higher education sector in the United States of America is facing grave challenges. What can technology-enabled

Using Problems to Drive Focus
August 21, 2020

Most leaders take pride in their problem-solving abilities. But, how do you pick the right problems, choose the right people, provide them with the right resources, and get out of the way to prevent leakage in time, money, and effort, and to drive individ

Mastering the Highly Distributed Workforce Recipe
August 13, 2020

Businesses are becoming increasingly amenable to remote work arrangement to attract and retain quality talent and to maintain continuity of operations during crises. Most employees are working from home, in isolation, trying to develop a new rhythm, work

Should you continue to invest in AI and ML?
July 30, 2020

COVID-19, a healthcare crisis, has already spawned a financial crisis. Enterprises are slashing costs, halting hiring of new talent, and stalling projects. While AI and ML initiatives have attracted a lot of investment lately, the related ROI may take tim

Recalibrating Safety and Security for Restoring Trust
July 16, 2020

COVID-19, as well as socio-political upheavals, have disrupted security and reduced the sense of safety globally. To restore trust among customers and employees, how are organizations recalibrating standards and approach to safety and security as part of

Automate Everything—The new cupid for BPOs
July 15, 2020

Many business process outsourcing (BPO) companies and enterprises have explored automation for their operations, but in silos, automating only a few tasks or processes at a time. There are complex challenges that hold them back from bringing together huma

Is Hexaware AMAZE for Applications a Panacea for Legacy Application Modernization?
July 15, 2020

With rampant digitization and business dynamics changing constantly, it’s often your applications and systems that determine your capability to adapt, grow, and stay competitive. While we are dabbling in multichannel and multitouch new age experiences,

From Automation to Autonomous Testing
July 14, 2020

The increase in the pace of change caused by digitization is driving organizations to move faster than competitors and exceed customer expectations by offering frequent updates to their product and service enabled by technology. In some cases, as quickly

Bringing Smarts into Patient Care
July 03, 2020

The healthcare industry, including Pharma, MedTech, and Providers, have been trying to improve the current state of patient care journey by using technology. However, doing so in siloes and not using innovations in an integrated fashion is holding us back