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The Cindy Rushton Show

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Episode 29: Transition!
May 06, 2021

Welcome to Our NEW Episode! Last night as I was worshiping and praying, God dropped in my heart a beautiful picture of what He is allowing for many of us—transition. Here is what I heard Him saying... Many of us have cried out for vision, clarity,

Episode 28: Resilient or STUCK?
April 29, 2021

Welcome to this week’s new show! I am Cindy Rushton and I want to welcome you to my podcast. This week’s show is a really raw topic - it asks the questions of whether we are resilient or stuck. Talk about a personal topic! Relate?

Episode 27 – Plan A
April 15, 2021

Welcome to Episode 27 of the Cindy Rushton Show! Today we are going to talk about God's plan for you--that Plan A. - Plans…God says in Jeremiah 29: For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord,

Episode 26 – Build Your Business to Six-Figures through Tiny Products, Funnels, and Multiple Streams of Income!
April 06, 2021

Welcome to the Cindy Rushton Show! This episode is packed full of practical ideas that can help you to build your business to six-figures through tiny (and doable) products, easy funnels, and multiple streams of income.

Episode 25 – Getting Clarity
April 01, 2021

Wonder where I am going with this? - Ok! In this episode I am going to be very vulnerable. - The past few weeks have been sooOOooooo challenging. First, I have had a million things going on with a million decisions—no exaggeration there with that num...

Episode 24: What Do You Desire the Most?
March 25, 2021

Welcome to our NEW episode! I am Cindy Rushton, your show hostess. I am so excited about today's show. Today, we are going to talk about your desires, dreams, calling, and life purpose. God says to us in Psalms 31: 4-5,

Episode 23: Success, Failure, and Success Again with Mike Morawski
March 16, 2021

Join us as we welcome Mike Morawski from to Episode 23 of our show! We are going to talk about success, failure, and success again!  This show is going to fire you up and help you to break free from anything holding you back from...

Episode 22: Activate!
March 11, 2021

Welcome to this week’s show! This week, we are talking about “activating” and what that will look like for you. So, first things first, are you fully activated? Or, is there something that you know you need to do but it’s on hold...on a shelf....

Episode 21: Let’s Talk about Business, Ministry, Websites, and SEO with Tyler Krause! 
March 03, 2021

Join us LIVE as Tyler Krause of Conversion First Marketing is my guest. - In today’s show, we welcome Tyler who wears the hats of husband, dad, worship leader, SEO expert, marketing expert, and biz owner of Conversion First Marketing.

Episode 20: Website Check-Up!
March 02, 2021

Are you building YOUR home on the web? How is your website? For many, we do not promote our business or ministry as we should because our website needs attention. Does that describe you? Don’t let this hold you back from all that you want to accomplis...