Church of the Heights

Church of the Heights

Latest Episodes

Exodus; Journey to Freedom; Part 2
October 16, 2019

When standing on the brink of death, slavery or a miracle, just stand still.

Exodus; Journey to Freedom; Part 1
October 16, 2019

Why should we suffer in slavery when God has given us freedom?

Eden; Part 3: The Family Sanctuary
October 16, 2019

The home should be a place of safety, correction and equipping.

Eden; Part 2: Generational Curses
October 16, 2019

You can pass along Generational Blessings or Generational Curses. You choose.

Eden; Part 1: Choose Life
October 16, 2019

God created man to have a relationship. The family is a place of life.

Stop Praying and Start Moving
September 04, 2019

There comes a time when we must stop stalling and do what God has told us to do.

Daniel’s Prayer
August 30, 2019

Our prayers can be hindered by a spiritual battle that is taking place. An Angel of the Lord explains how to Daniel.

August 30, 2019

What impact are you going to make in someone's eternity? Does your witness cause others to hunger after God?

Pray like Acts 12
August 10, 2019

Guest speaker Robert Lutz reveals the powerful prayer of Acts 12.