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Chronicles Abroad

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Episode 111 | Monday Message With Frantzces A Lesson On Attachments
May 06, 2019

Frantzces learned a life-changing lesson on attachments. Many of us have never put too much thought on our attachments to people and things. Its important to know what healthy and unhealthy attachments look like. The way we develop attachments to others

Episode 110 | Quick Recap Of Season 3 Finale And What’s To Come
May 01, 2019

Another season wrapped up so quickly! Were giving a ridiculously fast recap of Season 3 and the things we have in store as we move forward. But before we get into whats upcoming, we are so ever grateful to our audience, listeners, supporters, and collabo

Episode 108 | Nicole Brewer From I Luv 2 Globe Trot
April 24, 2019

Nicole from I Luv 2 Globe Trot is currently living her best life in Oman. Prior to her move abroad (10 years ago), the job market in the States frustrated her. Her friends who were at the time living and teaching in Japan sparked her curiosity. Hearing a

Episode 107 | Monday Message With Frantzces Lessons From Living Abroad
April 22, 2019

Frantzces learned some valuable lessons while living abroad for the past three years.She is going to spend the next five Monday Messages breaking these messages down and sharing some of her insights with the hopes that it encourages you to reflect a bit

Episode 106 : Renee A Psychotherapist Who Gave Up Her Private Practice
April 17, 2019

Renee Adolphe was a Psychotherapist who held a private practice in the Washington, DC area to go on a spiritual path. At the age of 35, decided to give up her practice, sell her home and car and decided to travel to India and later South America to learn

Episode 105 | Monday Message With Frantzces Purpose Is A Feeling
April 15, 2019

Finding our purpose and calling in life doesnt start with the outside, its a feeling, its something that comes from the inside first. Nipsey Hustles death brought about a lot of emotions such as why the good die young phenomenon and had us thinking about

Episode 104 | DeNorris From Travel And Truth Retelling Stories Of Africa
April 10, 2019

DeNorris of Travel And Truth is changing the narrative of what it means to travel, specifically to Africa. Hes traveled to 53 countries. The sole purpose of his platform is to provide honest and educational information about the African Diaspora worldwid

Episode 103 | Monday Message With Frantzces Time Moves Hella Fast
April 08, 2019

Time moves hella fast. That was Frantzces thought as she watched her son turn 21. She did a bit of reflecting in this one about how one decision can shift the moments in anybodys life. Time doesnt wait for anyone and it has no qualms in leaving you behin

Episode 102 | Yan & Lee From Sice Your Life Live How You Want To Live
April 03, 2019

Yan & Lee are a couple living in China whos motto is live how you want to live. A plant base married couple living in China with a specific goal in mind, to live debt free. They both graduated from college but had a hard time finding jobs. So they d

Episode 101 | Monday Message With Frantzces Radical Acceptance
April 01, 2019

Radical acceptance is this notion that we accept people with all that they have and with all that you have to accept them with. Because when we dont conflict develops in those relationships, we become angry and resentful. It makes it difficult for us to