Chronicles Abroad

Chronicles Abroad

Episode 106 : Renee A Psychotherapist Who Gave Up Her Private Practice

April 17, 2019

Renee Adolphe, was a Psychotherapist who held a private practice in the Washington, DC area.

At the age of 35, decided to give up her practice, sell her home and car and decided to travel to India and later South America to learn more about herself, as well as to learn alternative healing practices to work with her clients.

She wanted to live in an atmosphere that helped to facilitate the alternative treatments that she was providing to her clients.

She discusses how living in Brazil has changed her life. The change of pace has challenged her to slow down because time doesn’t exist there. The energy of Salvador is indescribable.

We talk about how travel has helped her to release the traditional stress that has accumulated over time in her life from the States.

Traveling has helped her to connect with people who have a different mindset than she does. It’s hard to know yourself if you haven’t traveled the world and have been exposed to different perspectives and different ways of life.

Since then, Renee has taken her healing workshops all over the world while doing retreats to provide the space for Black women to heal.

In this episode you'll be inspired by the following:

1. Just do it, things will always come up, just buy your ticket and stick to it.
2. You're going to be scared and that’s okay.
3. Start with whatever will make you the most comfortable, do some trial runs, maybe don’t commit to a year but commit to something to see it through.

Want to see keep up with what Renee is doing in the world? Check her out on the following media platforms:

Facebook: Renee
Instagram @PrandHaraPrem and her retreats @SacredSistersSoul
Her website PrandHaraPrem

So tune in!

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