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Chronicles Abroad

Episode 101 | Monday Message With Frantzces Radical Acceptance

April 01, 2019

Radical acceptance is this notion that we accept people with all that they have and with all that you have to accept them with.

Because when we don't conflict develops in those relationships, we become angry and resentful. It makes it difficult for us to see the people we love, in loving ways.

But acceptance doesn't mean to allow yourself to be abused or mistreated, it doesn't mean that you sidestep issues, but what it does mean is accepting people for who they are, and then moving on.

It's natural to see the potential in people and want to see things differently for them. But ask yourself, is it for them or is it for you? The more you want to see their lives differently the more conflict it creates.

Especially if that person isn't ready to see it the way you see it. And even more so if that person isn't ready for a change.

So how do you manage a situation like this?

In this episode, Frantzces talks about the three stages of radical acceptance and why it's so important to begin to practice it.

Doing so, not only brings more peace into your life but also helps you to better manage your relationships.

You can check out my story in Episode 1 Part 2 and you can get more details about my journey from our webinar From Novice To Nomad: The Ultimate Blueprint To Moving Abroad.

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