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Episode 121 | Monday Message With Frantzces What I Learned From My Things Being Stolen
June 24, 2019

While on a trip to D.C. Frantzces things were stolen. Her book bag had everything you can think of such as her mac laptop, her kindle, her phone and a bunch of other items.  The post Episode 121 | Monday Message With Frantzces What I Learned From My Thin

Episode 120 | Wendy And J Freedom Let Yourself Be Free
June 19, 2019

Wendy and J Freedom are a married couple living in Mexico. Their motto is be free. They left the States because they believe there was a better quality of life elsewhere. They scouted places by visiting and networking with other expats to figure out wher

Episode 119 | Monday Message With Frantzces Move Past Resentment
June 16, 2019

When you move past resentment its meant more for you than it is for the other person. Sure pain recycles itself, and the person you resent may also be feeling it. But ultimately, resentment is poison. It poisons everything around you. You find yourself g

Episode 118 | CJ The Serial Expat & Entrepreneur Living In Thailand
June 12, 2019

C.J. is a serial ebony expat who has lived in Barbados, Colombia, South Africa, Great Britain, and Thailand over the last decade taking him to every continent except snow white Australia and Antarctica. Hes visited over 40 countries and is fluent in Span

Episode 117 | Monday Message With Frantzces Impostor Syndrome
June 10, 2019

Everyone suffers from imposter syndrome. From celebrities to your next door neighbor. Its not discriminatory. When you allow impostor syndrome to lead the way, you find yourself deeply insecure about your work. You question whether or not you are qualifi

Episode 116 | Chapin From Misfits And Rejects I Didn’t Belong
June 05, 2019

Chapin is the host of Misfits And Rejects. Misfits And Rejects is a podcast about the lifestyle design of expatriates, travelers, entrepreneurs, and adventures. Many of whom are living unconventional lives abroad.  Chapin relates to the stories he produc

Episode 115 | Monday Message With Frantzces On Being Single
June 03, 2019

Being single isnt easy. We sometimes wonder despite these amazing qualities that we have why are we still single? On todays Monday Message, Frantzces talks about the difference between intentionality and longing. And how sometimes the longing part gets i

Episode 114 | Monday Message With Frantzces Energy Is Everything
May 27, 2019

Today Frantzces talks about how energy is everything. But on the last few Monday Messages, Frantzces spent some time talking about the lessons she learned while living abroad. If you havent listened to them yet, here is her favorite lesson of all. What d

Episode 113 | Monday Message With Frantzces The Last Lesson
May 20, 2019

On the last lesson, we talked about living abroad although it can be lonely at times, it also teaches you how to enjoy your own company. Many of us have a lot of distractions and people around that it gets in the way of us getting to know ourselves bette

Episode 112 | Monday Message With Frantzces Traveling Alone
May 13, 2019

One of the things thats heard a lot on Chronicles Abroad is how many people find it difficult to travel alone. Most often people are terrified of the idea of traveling to a new country without going with someone they know. They are so terrified that beca